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Andreas Jaeger 60069b0276 Fix links - and make them robust
There's no .md file in here, so change links. Looking at the used links,
these are all external links and thus sphinx cannot test whether they
work. Use internal links so that all links work - and work even after

This shows up as e.g.:
 WARNING: unknown document: install-maas.html

Update tox.ini so that these are hard errors.

Remove dead requirement oslosphinx, it's not needed anymore here since
openstackdocstheme is used.

Change-Id: Ieae398aecb48c2e26de5c50261e700f8790e64ce
4 years ago
Liam Young 3fdc6d33b3 Add instructions for upgrading OpenStack
This patch adds instructions for upgrading OpenStack using the

Depends-On: I03f3d641b50cfc6f02262edb0f714ba6e9566775
Change-Id: I9019da2c79c1262043714a1605efd85700478744
5 years ago
James Page 6f73e1681f Extra bits 6 years ago