OpenStack Charms - Deployment Guide
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Install OpenStack from a bundle

Stepping through the deployment <install-openstack> of each OpenStack application is the best way to understanding how OpenStack and Juju operate, and how each application relates to one another. But it's a labour intensive process.

A bundle allows you to accomplish the same deployment with a single command:

juju deploy openstack.bundle

A bundle, as used above, encapsulates the entire deployment process, including all applications, their configuration parameters and any relations that need to be made. Generally, you can use a local file, as above, or deploy a curated bundle from the charm store.

For our project, download the OpenStack and deploy OpenStack using the above command.


You will probably need to edit the bundle information to match the actual hardware that you have.

The speed of the deployment depends on your hardware, but may take some time. Monitor the output of juju status to see when everything is ready.

Next steps

See the Install OpenStack <test_openstack> documentation for details on testing your OpenStack deployment, or jump directly to Configure OpenStack <config-openstack> to start using OpenStack productively as quickly as possible.