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Add additional release note for cinder-ceph storage

A new relation is required to support key sharing between
the cinder-ceph and nova-compute charms, providing better
support for use of multiple storage backends.

Add a release note to this effect.

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James Page 3 years ago
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@@ -80,6 +80,23 @@ configuration:
Please ensure that ceph services are upgraded before services that consume ceph
resources, such as cinder, glance and nova-compute.

ceph based cinder storage backends

OpenStack Ocata changes the behaviour of cephx key management for ceph based
cinder storage backends; as a result, nova-compute units must now have copies
of the key used by the cinder backend for managing ceph storage. To support
sharing of these keys, users must add a relation between the cinder-ceph and
nova-compute charms:

.. code:: bash

juju add-relation nova-compute cinder-ceph

For more details please see:

percona-cluster and rabbitmq-server clustering improvements