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  OpenDev Sysadmins 0bc9985bb8 OpenDev Migration Patch 3 months ago
  Paul Goins b035ee30f1 Added tox environment for gathering coverage 4 months ago
  Mike Wilson a4b62a9a00 Adding support for deletion of vip, dns, and init services. 5 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 7c2e09450a
Fix Python3.4 compability 5 months ago
  Liam Young a85b2d23c1 Stop duplicates being added to delete_resources 7 months ago
  Liam Young 472fd77c93 Ensure deleted resources are removed from local db. 7 months ago
  Zuul 4f9e463b44 Merge "Add ability for charms to delete crm resources" 7 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 875ddd342b Add interface build ignore rules 7 months ago
  Liam Young 087ddb3936 Add ability for charms to delete crm resources 7 months ago
  Liam Young ce2aa63653 Add unit tests and fix for _parse bug exposed 7 months ago
  David Ames ab38cf8b07 Monitor VIPs 7 months ago
  Doug Hellmann c7475b06be fix tox python3 overrides 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 68cb818c24 import zuul job settings from project-config 10 months ago
  Vu Cong Tuan d20c7bb5f2 Add py36 testenv 1 year ago
  Liam Young ad21b5daed Make specifying the nic optional 1 year ago
  James Page 8c72945ead py3: sort CRM group members 1 year ago
  Zuul 495e8b1f33 Merge "Do not set ha.available until clustered" 1 year ago
  David Ames bf858a38bc Do not set ha.available until clustered 1 year ago
  Billy Olsen 44c900958f Reassign init and delete services instead of extend 1 year ago
  James Page 52a760b8fb Pass data over interface using json keys 1 year ago
  Liam Young 09ead5622e Add functions for managing DNS Entries 1 year ago
  David Ames c01416b7eb Ensure only VIP resources are in vip group 1 year ago
  David Ames 77c2b25407 Dualstack IPv4/IPv6 support 1 year ago
  Alex Kavanagh e4743dd143 Enable the hascluster interface to do less juju work 1 year ago
  Liam Young 13ad020e36 Principle sends invalid config to hacluster 3 years ago
  Ryan Beisner 7fc2ce2861 Add .gitreview, update tox.ini, update readme. 3 years ago
  Liam Young d26a4ccd75 Merge pull request #3 from javacruft/clone-optional 3 years ago
  James Page e73c63464f Add clones to interface as well for charm use 3 years ago
  James Page 05d0c44103 Update InitService to support optional cloning 3 years ago
  Liam Young 2a457c1c78 Merge pull request #2 from gnuoy/feature/add-common-code 3 years ago
  Liam Young 3e1adbf909 Added docstring, lint fixes and general tidyup 3 years ago
  Liam Young ca1561dafd Merge upstream 3 years ago
  Liam Young e5f2140cf5 Add more common code 3 years ago
  Liam Young 887a7256b8 Add more common code 3 years ago
  Billy Olsen 67fe406e20 Merge pull request #1 from gnuoy/master 3 years ago
  Liam Young 507eba5f92 There is a typo in the name of the init_Services key, the S should not be a capital 3 years ago
  Billy Olsen 4c42819152 Fix inconsistency in readme 3 years ago
  Billy Olsen c4c6d0f01d Fix typo in README.md 3 years ago
  Billy Olsen a73846f575 First commit of the proposed hacluster interface. 3 years ago