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  OpenDev Sysadmins 336364e718 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Paul Goins 3c81e2a92e Added tox environment for gathering coverage 2 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 0ec113afb7 Add support for passing optional ``requested_roles`` attribute 3 months ago
  zhulingjie 1c92403c75 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 783333e102 Enable py3 gate job 7 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 305eb10d2e fix tox python3 overrides 7 months ago
  Zuul 8c75172861 Merge "Support service_domain for relation" 8 months ago
  Seyeong Kim f4fc3175b8 Support service_domain for relation 10 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 09779fea8d import zuul job settings from project-config 8 months ago
  melissaml 954f1dc815 Add py36 testenv 10 months ago
  Alex Kavanagh f6831363b7 Put back the unit tests and enable the ignore 3 years ago
  Liam Young c9ed6c0575 Add api_version as an accessible property 2 years ago
  James Page 1e91681243 Add support for verification process 2 years ago
  James Page 74e74c23cb Merge pull request #3 from gnuoy/feature/ssl-support 2 years ago
  Liam Young 4b966c920b Add support for extracting and decoding SSL keys and certs from interfaces 2 years ago
  gnuoy 65b7d06302 Merge pull request #2 from ajkavanagh/master 3 years ago
  Alex Kavanagh 881e13792e Revert "Add unit tests to the interface" 3 years ago
  Alex Kavanagh 133fedca1a Add unit tests to the interface 3 years ago
  James Page 6b459f7658 Drop tox directory 3 years ago
  Liam Young 5118017e3a Fix lint 3 years ago
  Liam Young 5a1fd1fecd Support requesting keystone endpoint information and differentiaite between old and new ssl info 3 years ago
  Liam Young fd929c0831 gitignore .tox and update to handle all ssl data back from keystone 3 years ago
  Liam Young 34b626bbb1 Add .gitignore 3 years ago
  Liam Young 13c6c40998 Fix name of *_tenant_id var passed back from keystone 3 years ago
  Liam Young fab262721a Fix checking auto_accessors for none 3 years ago
  Liam Young 3ff28b362e initial version 3 years ago