10 Commits (a8c7b469287097d9698ed6e8c4391f5487a58116)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Alex Kavanagh a8c7b46928 Updates to flip all libraries back to master 6 months ago
Alex Kavanagh a177fa4616 21.04 libraries freeze for charms on master branch 7 months ago
Aurelien Lourot 4a00398dfb Sync release-tools 11 months ago
Alejandro S. Gonzalez 03f69d3e8e Migrate charm-manila-generic tests to Zaza 1 year ago
Ryan Beisner 12d9c42efc
Sync charm/ceph helpers, tox, and requirements 2 years ago
Pete Vander Giessen ba9a426f9f Replace ostestr with stestr in testing framework. 3 years ago
Ryan Beisner ff6d707acf Update requirements 3 years ago
Ryan Beisner 6c4ea5ef0a Update requirements for git charmhelpers 4 years ago
David Ames f694607b9e Enable Zesty-Ocata Amulet Tests 5 years ago
Alex Kavanagh 9b039d3981 First commit of charm-manila-generic 5 years ago