Juju Charm - Manila fileshare generic backend plugin
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This charm exists to provide an example backend for Manila, for the purpose of test and reference. It is NOT intended for production use in any case.

It configures the generic backend in the related manila charm in an OpenStack cloud. This provides NFS shares using Cinder as a backing store. It should be used for testing and development purposes only.


The charm relies on the principal manila charm, and is a subordinate to it. It provides configuration data to the manila-share service (which is provided by the manila charm with a role that includes 'share').

If multiple, different, generic backend configurations are required then the share-backend-name config option should be used to differentiate between the configuration sections.

Note: this subordinate charm requests that manila configure the nova, neutron and cinder sections that the generic driver needs to launch NFS share instances that provide NFS/CIFS services within their tenant networks. The manila charm provides the main manila service username/password to this charm to enable it to provide those configuration sections.


Please report bugs on Launchpad.

For general questions please refer to the OpenStack Charm Guide.