Juju Charm - Neutron API - plugin for Arista CVX
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This is a "source" charm, which is intended to be strictly the top layer of a built charm. This structure declares that any included layer assets are not intended to be consumed as a layer from a functional or design standpoint.

Test and Build

Building, pushing and publishing to the charm store is automated by CI to ensure consistent flow. Manually building is useful for development and testing, however.

tox -e pep8
tox -e py3
tox -e build
cd build/builds/neutron-api-plugin-arista

# Set one of these env vars, depending on whether you want to
# download the Arista image from a remote place or have it already
# locally:
export TEST_ARISTA_IMAGE_REMOTE=http://example.com/swift/v1/images/arista-cvx-virt-test.qcow2
export TEST_ARISTA_IMAGE_LOCAL=/tmp/arista-cvx-virt-test.qcow2

tox -e func


Please report bugs on Launchpad.

For general questions please refer to the OpenStack Charm Guide.