1157 Commits (master)

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Edward Hope-Morley 2e0896c737 Fixes disabling fwaas 2 weeks ago
Aurelien Lourot b189536ff9 Sync release-tools 1 week ago
Edward Hope-Morley 00e7c8b6ad Remove neutron-fwaas for >= V 1 month ago
Aurelien Lourot 0d4c5e139a Add impish to metadata.yaml 2 months ago
Zuul 546ef56740 Merge "c-h sync - restore proxy env vars for add-apt-repository" 1 month ago
Zuul 3415c5e7da Merge "setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores" 2 months ago
Corey Bryant cf1d22f582 c-h sync - restore proxy env vars for add-apt-repository 3 months ago
Cornellius Metto 2c6e8255d1 Add upgrade-charm symlink in hooks directory 3 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 48f87deff3 Test bundles for focal-wallaby and hirsute-wallaby 5 months ago
YuehuiLei 4625fcfcd5 setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores 3 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 5a7dfeac7f Updates to flip all libraries back to master 3 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 9442c0445d 21.04 sync - add 'hirsute' in UBUNTU_RELEASES 4 months ago
Alex Kavanagh ab2d2152b0 21.04 libraries freeze for charms on master branch 4 months ago
Nobuto Murata b65eea5864 Update worker-multiplier config description 4 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 5bc7a321fd Add hirsute and remove trusty from metadata.yaml 5 months ago
Zuul 3383832a7b Merge "Add new osci.yaml" 5 months ago
Billy Olsen 6de997d8e9 Prune gate tests 5 months ago
Chris MacNaughton 17df071cb2 Add new osci.yaml 7 months ago
Alex Kavanagh d4e4eeb743 Hotfix charmhelpers sync for local_address() fix 6 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 1bd71a1bed Updates for testing period for 20.01 release 7 months ago
Aurelien Lourot c052de6980 Remove Disco and Eoan bits 7 months ago
Aurelien Lourot a475261db3 Add Groovy to the test gate 9 months ago
Zuul 2ac53e951b Merge "Use AZLeastRoutersScheduler by default" 7 months ago
Trent Lloyd 074e577791 Remove database max_pool_size customisation 8 months ago
Robert Gildein ed1bbfd769 Replaced deprecated function to add a new source 9 months ago
Aurelien Lourot c6613aa969 Sync release-tools 8 months ago
Dmitrii Shcherbakov a155e9cf11 Use AZLeastRoutersScheduler by default 9 months ago
Chris MacNaughton 4c77f69991 Batch update to land Ubuntu Groovy support into the charms 10 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 8f45645505 Sync libraries & common files prior to freeze 10 months ago
Aurelien Lourot a32af1b98b Add focal-victoria to the test gate 11 months ago
Edward Hope-Morley 104626a19f Fix db init notifications 11 months ago
Alex Kavanagh ec9304f50e Release sync for 20.08 1 year ago
Corey Bryant 5bb94af764 Sync charm-helpers for Victoria/Groovy updates 1 year ago
Aurelien Lourot c86da1c2d2 Fix openstack-origin in groovy-victoria test bundle 1 year ago
Aurelien Lourot 62db5726a7 Add Victoria test bundles 1 year ago
Zuul ebfcf31609 Merge "Add igmp_snooping_enable config" 1 year ago
Pedro Guimaraes f401914ee3 Add igmp_snooping_enable config 1 year ago
Liam Young 60e3a25566 CH Sync for rabbit relation bug fix 1 year ago
Alex Kavanagh 6ec56a29b6 Updates for 20.08 cycle start for groovy and libs 1 year ago
Peter Matulis 0e87b4dcc0 Apply HA section template to README 1 year ago
Aurelien Lourot e495768b4a Sync helpers for 20.05 1 year ago
Aurelien Lourot 5bafa89f85 Pre-freeze 'make sync' 1 year ago
Frode Nordahl 8b8a0fff98
Enable focal ussuri with functional tests 1 year ago
Frode Nordahl 4cfd6465f9
Move NeutronNetworkingTest from neutron-api 1 year ago
Marco Silva 272694f3d9 Initials consistency in README 1 year ago
Frode Nordahl 7a78c6dd76 Deprecate FWaaS 1 year ago
Zuul dd4505efd6 Merge "Enable hardware offload support" 1 year ago
Frode Nordahl 67901457bd
Enable Ussuri and Focal 1 year ago
Frode Nordahl 4ac5e3f71c Conditionally make neutron-plugin relations required 1 year ago
Frode Nordahl 38117ba022 Conditional default of ``manage-neutron-plugin-legacy-mode`` 2 years ago