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Peter Matulis 81e485cfd3 Streamline README for policy overrides 2 years ago
Arif Ali 00c7f7917a
update README.md to point to new code and docs 2 years ago
Alex Kavanagh 697ca00bcf Policyd override implementation 2 years ago
Tytus Kurek 95c045d1ce Designate - Neutron integration 4 years ago
Billy Olsen 9bbd2bad9c Enable internal DNS resolution 5 years ago
Dmitrii Shcherbakov f3b655acdf add keystone middleware update logic 5 years ago
David Ames 592b8e0947 DNS HA 6 years ago
Corey Bryant 5251e366b4 Add defaults for openstack-origin-git config option 6 years ago
James Page c59e76217b Use network space binding for shared-db relation 6 years ago
James Page 61a0ef9408 Add Juju Network Space support 6 years ago
Adam Gandelman 86f6174d5f Advertise API readiness to subordinates, allow subordinate specification of api_extensions 6 years ago
Corey Bryant 54743ba775 [corey.bryant,trivial] Update deploy from source README samples. 7 years ago
Corey Bryant 331ccb51aa [corey.bryant,trivial] Fix deploy from source README 7 years ago
Corey Bryant 60f3818f03 Overall refresh to current install from source approach 7 years ago
Corey Bryant 3b758c9032 Initial support for deploying from git 7 years ago
James Page 3082ae0564 Tweak docs to look nicer 8 years ago
Liam Young 51909c266f Added readme 8 years ago