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Aurelien Lourot 6a22df54a7 Sync release-tools 2 weeks ago
Aurelien Lourot d29d295c32 Add impish to metadata.yaml 2 months ago
Aurelien Lourot 1cc3eba140 Fix Zaza deployment expectations 1 month ago
Zuul 77aa4b6326 Merge "Mention deferred service events in README" 1 month ago
Liam Young 10707801e6 Remove deferred-restart config for lbaasv2 2 months ago
Zuul 3bcfa64aef Merge "c-h sync - restore proxy env vars for add-apt-repository" 2 months ago
Peter Matulis 80d390961d Mention deferred service events in README 2 months ago
Zuul 2e816efe01 Merge "Disable vrrp healthchecks by default" 2 months ago
Zuul aff94fe2ed Merge "setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores" 2 months ago
Corey Bryant 0f7a2418cb c-h sync - restore proxy env vars for add-apt-repository 3 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 3394e71780 Test bundles for focal-wallaby and hirsute-wallaby 5 months ago
YuehuiLei 6ed2664d6c setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores 3 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 2ee597c08f Updates to flip all libraries back to master 3 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 5f33d68f49 21.04 sync - add 'hirsute' in UBUNTU_RELEASES 4 months ago
Billy Olsen 5e9a7e9087 Disable vrrp healthchecks by default 4 months ago
Liam Young b3f6993f20 Implementation of deferred restarts 4 months ago
Zuul 9b4888db16 Merge "21.04 libraries freeze for charms on master branch" 4 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 6facf6431c 21.04 libraries freeze for charms on master branch 4 months ago
Nobuto Murata 069aa202b9 Update worker-multiplier config description 4 months ago
Rodrigo Barbieri e0a7188b4a Improve documentation on data-port functionality 5 months ago
Zuul 6c33162da8 Merge "Add hirsute and remove trusty from metadata.yaml" 5 months ago
Zuul 17112e1639 Merge "Add new osci.yaml" 5 months ago
Przemysław Lal b679984b1f Add new functional test case for ext-port config option deprecation 5 months ago
Przemysław Lal 68154a3a9a Move _ovs_additional_ids() and sequence_functions() to charmhelpers 5 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 6d75377322 Add hirsute and remove trusty from metadata.yaml 5 months ago
Chris MacNaughton 8003ebb2fa Add new osci.yaml 6 months ago
Billy Olsen 6d3cb905ae Prune gate tests 6 months ago
Aurelien Lourot 528d858907 Remove -proposed from the focal-ussuri bundle 5 months ago
Aurelien Lourot 75fccfb230 Add Groovy to the test gate 9 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 033500842d Updates for testing period for 20.01 release 7 months ago
Aurelien Lourot b77e1e1b1e Remove Disco and Eoan bits 7 months ago
Aurelien Lourot 50d24d89c3 Sync release-tools 8 months ago
Chris MacNaughton ae639ca0cb Batch update to land Ubuntu Groovy support into the charms 10 months ago
Alex Kavanagh 23ca487ae9 Sync libraries & common files prior to freeze 10 months ago
Frode Nordahl ea2e3bf24f Add cleanup action and OVS to OVN migration test 11 months ago
Frode Nordahl ed3a162d57
Unpin flake8, fix lint 11 months ago
Zuul 7a28689ccc Merge "Add keepalived-healthcheck-interval config option" 11 months ago
Aurelien Lourot 48d3cf6d15 Add focal-victoria to the test gate 11 months ago
Aurelien Lourot bbc621edca Mark OVS bridges and ports as managed by charm-neutron-gateway 1 year ago
Edward Hope-Morley 8d71c41481 Add keepalived-healthcheck-interval config option 1 year ago
Alex Kavanagh a8f1661d61 Release sync for 20.08 1 year ago
James Page de30b2f73d Fix action managed upgrades 1 year ago
Corey Bryant 89d663a00f Sync charm-helpers for Victoria/Groovy updates 1 year ago
Zuul 520d027699 Merge "Use unittest.mock instead of mock" 1 year ago
Aurelien Lourot de513bc49d Add Victoria test bundles 1 year ago
Zuul 6dcc8e3ae1 Merge "Add disable-neutron-lbaas option" 1 year ago
Zuul 5840fe1e24 Merge "CH Sync for rabbit relation bug fix" 1 year ago
Mauricio Faria de Oliveira 4bf26683d1 Add option to auto-load kernel modules for sysctl 1 year ago
Pedro Guimaraes 86eb58317f Add disable-neutron-lbaas option 1 year ago
Liam Young 98b194ba93 CH Sync for rabbit relation bug fix 1 year ago