Juju Charm - Neutron Gateway
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# This file is managed centrally by release-tools and should not be modified
# within individual charm repos. See the 'global' dir contents for available
# choices of *requirements.txt files for OpenStack Charms:
# https://github.com/openstack-charmers/release-tools
# TODO: Distill the func test requirements from the lint/unit test
# requirements. They are intertwined. Also, Zaza itself should specify
# all of its own requirements and if it doesn't, fix it there.
# Strange import error with newer netaddr:
Jinja2>=2.6 # BSD License (3 clause)
# dnspython 2.0.0 dropped py3.5 support
dnspython<2.0.0; python_version < '3.6'
dnspython; python_version >= '3.6'