27 Commits (master)

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  Frode Nordahl 32c86219f7 Update functional test definitions 4 days ago
  Chris MacNaughton 93a9546729 Retarget Zaza to master now that split has landed 2 months ago
  Chris MacNaughton d59e939f1d Migrate to split zaza - zaza.openstack 2 months ago
  Chris MacNaughton fa615488d3 Migrate Zaza tests to independant OpenStack Charms specific library 2 months ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 883166cdcf OpenDev Migration Patch 3 months ago
  Zuul 4599d0dee7 Merge "Enable bionic/stein and disco/stein functional tests" 3 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 3564920620
Enable bionic/stein and disco/stein functional tests 3 months ago
  James Page 436139c8ee Rebuild with new charmhelpers release 3 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 60730fb7ba Update series metadata 3 months ago
  Chris MacNaughton 4164cdc61d Sync charm-helpers for Stein release 3 months ago
  Pete Vander Giessen 43682fd0b3 Replace ostestr with stestr in testing framework. 4 months ago
  Paul Goins b893eeba30 Added tox environment for gathering coverage 4 months ago
  James Page 3919907d21 Use transport_url for Ocata or later 4 months ago
  David Ames 5d09b43119 Rebuild for sync charms.openstck 5 months ago
  Corey Bryant 1f10bb4916 Rebuild for sync charm-helpers 6 months ago
  Liam Young 0f15831a30 Rebuild for HA resource changes in charm-helpers & charms.openstack. 7 months ago
  David Ames fa22f9e46d Rebuild reactive charms for mysql-shared interface 7 months ago
  Ryan Beisner 36189ac193
Update tests, tox, series and readme for 18.11 release 8 months ago
  Ryan Beisner 42ddeca26f
Rebuild for sync charm-helpers 8 months ago
  Liam Young 4d27c53606 Configure for CI 8 months ago
  Liam Young e256f5ef8c Remove zuul config 9 months ago
  Liam Young 26eb1039f4 Add zuul config 9 months ago
  Liam Young 029dbf8f5e Functional tests 9 months ago
  Liam Young b760285a04 Unit tests and lint fixes 11 months ago
  Liam Young 70b7b69a4c Update tox.ini for py36 1 year ago
  Liam Young eaecdc6369 Handle restart triggers 1 year ago
  Liam Young 29d6d050ad initial commit 1 year ago