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Add test for cinder_img_volume_type image metadata

When a volume is created from an image with a cinder_img_volume_type
image property, and a volume_type is not specified in the volume-
create call, the resulting volume should be the specified volume_type,
not the default type.

Change-Id: If8edd24ba5183522ebe8202bbf6b62b41b3febe9
Brian Rosmaita 1 month ago
2 changed files with 117 additions and 0 deletions
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cinder_tempest_plugin/api/volume/ View File

@@ -165,3 +165,37 @@ class BaseVolumeAdminTest(BaseVolumeTest):

cls.admin_volume_types_client = cls.os_admin.volume_types_client_latest
cls.admin_backups_client = cls.os_admin.backups_client_latest
cls.admin_volumes_client = cls.os_admin.volumes_client_latest

def create_volume_type(cls, name=None, **kwargs):
"""Create a test volume-type"""

name = name or data_utils.rand_name(cls.__name__ + '-volume-type')
volume_type = cls.admin_volume_types_client.create_volume_type(
name=name, **kwargs)['volume_type']
cls.addClassResourceCleanup(cls._clear_volume_type, volume_type)
return volume_type

def _clear_volume_type(cls, volume_type):
# If image caching is enabled, we must delete the cached volume
# before cinder will allow us to delete the volume_type. This function
# solves that problem by taking the brute-force approach of deleting
# any volumes of this volume_type that exist *no matter what project
# they are in*. Since this won't happen until the teardown of the
# test class, that should be OK.
type_id = volume_type['id']
type_name = volume_type['name']

volumes = cls.admin_volumes_client.list_volumes(
detail=True, params={'all_tenants': 1})['volumes']
for volume in [v for v in volumes if v['volume_type'] == type_name]:
cls.admin_volumes_client.delete_volume, volume['id'])

cls.admin_volume_types_client.delete_volume_type, type_id)
cls.admin_volume_types_client.wait_for_resource_deletion, type_id)

+ 83
- 0
cinder_tempest_plugin/api/volume/ View File

@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.

import io

from tempest.common import waiters
from tempest import config
from tempest.lib.common.utils import data_utils
@@ -77,3 +79,84 @@ class VolumeFromImageTest(base.BaseVolumeTest):

class VolumeAndVolumeTypeFromImageTest(base.BaseVolumeAdminTest):
# needs AdminTest as superclass to manipulate volume_types

def skip_checks(cls):
super(VolumeAndVolumeTypeFromImageTest, cls).skip_checks()
if not CONF.service_available.glance:
raise cls.skipException("Glance service is disabled")

def create_image_with_data(cls, **kwargs):
# we do this as a class method so we can use the
# addClassResourceCleanup functionality of tempest.test.BaseTestCase
images_client = cls.os_primary.image_client_v2
if 'min_disk' not in kwargs:
kwargs['min_disk'] = 1
response = images_client.create_image(**kwargs)
image_id = response['id']
images_client.wait_for_resource_deletion, image_id)
images_client.delete_image, image_id)

# upload "data" to image
image_file = io.BytesIO(data_utils.random_bytes(size=1024))
images_client.store_image_file(image_id, image_file)

waiters.wait_for_image_status(images_client, image_id, 'active')
image = images_client.show_image(image_id)
return image

def test_create_from_image_with_volume_type_image_property(self):
"""Verify that the cinder_img_volume_type image property works.

When a volume is created from an image containing the
cinder_img_volume_type property and no volume_type is specified
in the volume-create request, the volume_type of the resulting
volume should be the one specified by the image property.

volume_type_meta = 'cinder_img_volume_type'
volume_type_name = 'vol-type-for-6e9266ff-a917-4dd5-aa4a-c36e59e7a2a6'
description = ('Generic volume_type for test '
proto = CONF.volume.storage_protocol
vendor = CONF.volume.vendor_name
extra_specs = {"storage_protocol": proto,
"vendor_name": vendor}
kwargs = {'description': description,
'extra_specs': extra_specs,
'os-volume-type-access:is_public': True}
volume_type = self.create_volume_type(name=volume_type_name,
# quick sanity check
self.assertEqual(volume_type_name, volume_type['name'])

# create an image in glance
kwargs = {'disk_format': 'raw',
'container_format': 'bare',
'name': ('image-for-test-'
'visibility': 'private',
volume_type_meta: volume_type_name}
image = self.create_image_with_data(**kwargs)
# quick sanity check
self.assertEqual(volume_type_name, image[volume_type_meta])

# create volume from image
kwargs = {'name': ('volume-for-test-'
'imageRef': image['id']}
# this is the whole point of the test, so make sure this is true
self.assertNotIn('volume_type', kwargs)
volume = self.create_volume(**kwargs)

found_volume_type = volume['volume_type']
self.assertEqual(volume_type_name, found_volume_type)