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Patrick East 9b434d1117 Add tempest tests for Consistency Groups
These tempest tests add coverage for all the API's related to
consistency groups in Cinder. They were originally proposed
for upstream tempest in
but were not a good fit since they aren't supported by the
reference driver. They have been modified to work as part
of the in-tree tempest plugins for Cinder now.

The tests are behind a new config option for tempest, which
in turn is part of a new config group called 'cinder'. This
was added to avoid any collisions with the 'volume-features-enabled'
or 'volume' groups already in the upstream tempest tests.

To enable them set the following in tempest.conf

consistency_group = True

Then make sure to run tempest with the 'all-plugin' tox environment.

Don't forget to update policy.json to allow for CG API's to be called..

Change-Id: I772ea13ca156e71620d722eee476f222a8653831
Co-Authored-By: Xing Yang <>
2016-08-29 11:23:51 -07:00
Chandan Kumar 6f67e37873 Move and rename tempest_tests to cinder/tests/tempest
To avoid conflicts, it needs to be done and
the subdirs 'api' and 'scenario' directly under
the cinder/tests/tempest directory

Closes-Bug: #1577016

Change-Id: I5b8d1411e0917ecb7e70eb5a6b139d75437ba032
2016-05-03 17:55:20 +00:00