Tempest plugin for Cinder project.
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# Playbook imported from https://opendev.org/openstack/tempest/src/tag/23.0.0/playbooks/devstack-tempest.yaml
# Changes that run through devstack-tempest are likely to have an impact on
# the devstack part of the job, so we keep devstack in the main play to
# avoid zuul retrying on legitimate failures.
- hosts: all
- orchestrate-devstack
# We run tests only on one node, regardless how many nodes are in the system
- hosts: tempest
# This enviroment variable is used by the optional tempest-gabbi
# job provided by the gabbi-tempest plugin. It can be safely ignored
# if that plugin is not being used.
GABBI_TEMPEST_PATH: "{{ gabbi_tempest_path | default('') }}"
- setup-tempest-run-dir
- setup-tempest-data-dir
- acl-devstack-files
- role: run-tempest
# ignore the errors for now, so that run-cinderlib-tests is always executed
ignore_errors: yes
- role: change-devstack-data-owner
devstack_data_subdir_changed: cinder
devstack_data_subdir_owner: zuul
- role: run-cinderlib-tests
tox_install_siblings: false
cinderlib_base_dir: "{{ ansible_user_dir }}/{{ zuul.projects['opendev.org/openstack/cinderlib'].src_dir }}"
- name: Fail if the first tempest run did not work
msg: "tempest run returned with an error"
when: tempest_run_result is defined and tempest_run_result.rc != 0