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PowerMax Ussuri Docs - Upgrade improvement notification

Nofifying on the upgrade improvement from SMI-S to REST after fixing

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@@ -2750,11 +2750,8 @@ Upgrading from SMI-S based driver to REST API based driver
Seamless upgrades from an SMI-S based driver to REST API based driver,
following the setup instructions above, are supported with a few exceptions:

#. OpenStack's ``live migration`` functionality will not work on already
attached/in-use legacy volumes without first migrating the volumes to
the new REST masking view structure. If you are upgrading from Newton
or Ocata to Pike or greater please contact `Dell EMC Support`_ and we
will guide you through the process.
#. Seamless upgrade from SMI-S(Ocata and earlier) to REST(Pike and later)
is now available on all functionality including Live Migration.

#. Consistency groups are deprecated in Pike. Generic Volume Groups are
supported from Pike onwards.