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This note applies to deployments that are using the cinder configuration
option ``volume_copy_bps_limit`` in its non-default value (the default
is 0).
The cinder-volume service currently depends on `Linux Kernel
Control Groups (cgroups) version 1
to control i/o throttling during some volume-copy and image-convert
operations. At the time of this release, some Linux distributions may
have changed to using `cgroups v2
by default. Thus, you may need to take explicit steps to ensure that
**cgroups v1** is enabled on any OpenStack nodes running the cinder-volume
service. This may entail setting specific Linux kernel parameters for
these nodes. Consult your Linux distribution's documentation for details.
For more information:
* The cinder options associated with throttling are
``volume_copy_blkio_cgroup_name`` and ``volume_copy_bps_limit``. They
are described in the `sample cinder configuration file
for the Wallaby release.
* For an example of distribution-specific information about cgroups, see
`OpenStack and cgroups v1
in the Debian 11 ("bullseye") release notes.