Windows SMBFS: Handle volume_name in _qemu_img_info

The volume_name is now parsed to the _qemu_img_info wrapper. As
this method is not prone to security issues because this driver
does not support raw images (at least not yet), we don't have to
perform any checks on the backing image file path.

Thus, this method simply ignores this argument that will be parsed
by the base class methods.

Related-Bug: #1350504

Change-Id: I801a6338250ec2dc631c4058543f7d0088b3e4d4
(cherry picked from commit 5e0ce63d6d)
Lucian Petrut 8 years ago committed by Eric Harney
parent 608ecf565f
commit 79afa84965
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@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ class WindowsSmbfsDriver(smbfs.SmbfsDriver):
backing_file_path = os.path.join(image_dir, backing_file)
self.vhdutils.reconnect_parent(image, backing_file_path)
def _qemu_img_info(self, path):
def _qemu_img_info(self, path, volume_name=None):
# This code expects to deal only with relative filenames.
# As this method is needed by the upper class and qemu-img does
# not fully support vhdx images, for the moment we'll use Win32 API