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Remove VxFlex OS credentials from connection_properties

VxFlex OS password is not stored in block_device_mapping table.
Instead of this passwords are stored in separate file and are
retrieved during each attach/detach operation.

The stable/queens branch is in Extended Maintenance mode and is no
longer released from.  If you decide to apply this patch to your
deployment, you must make a corresponding change to the os-brick
library.  You can find the os-brick patch for stable/queens here:

Additionally, you must deploy a new configuration file on compute
nodes, cinder nodes, and anywhere you would perform a volume
attachment in your deployment.  See the documentation change on
this patch for details about the new config file.

See OSSN-0086 for more information about this change:

Closes-Bug: #1823200
Change-Id: I831321d12a6df2b950f05e2452710b9ae105ada4
Ivan Pchelintsev 11 months ago
committed by Brian Rosmaita
2 changed files with 30 additions and 3 deletions
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cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/scaleio/ View File

@ -145,9 +145,10 @@ class ScaleIODriver(driver.VolumeDriver):
2.0.2: Added consistency group support to generic volume groups
2.0.3: Added cache for storage pool and protection domains info
2.0.4: Added compatibility with os_brick>1.15.3 Fix for Bug #1823200. See OSSN-0086 for details.
VERSION = "2.0.4"
# ThirdPartySystems wiki
@ -221,8 +222,7 @@ class ScaleIODriver(driver.VolumeDriver):
'serverIP': self.server_ip,
'serverPort': self.server_port,
'serverUsername': self.server_username,
'serverPassword': self.server_password,
'serverToken': self.server_token,
'config_group': self.configuration.config_group,
'iopsLimit': None,
'bandwidthLimit': None,

+ 27
- 0
doc/source/configuration/block-storage/drivers/dell-emc-scaleio-driver.rst View File

@ -202,6 +202,33 @@ parameters as follows:
san_password = SIO_PASSWD
san_thin_provision = false
Connector configuration
Before using attach/detach volume operations VxFlex OS connector must be
properly configured. On each node where VxFlex OS SDC is installed do the
#. Create ``/opt/emc/scaleio/openstack/connector.conf`` if it does not
.. code-block:: console
$ mkdir -p /opt/emc/scaleio/openstack
$ touch /opt/emc/scaleio/openstack/connector.conf
#. For each VxFlex OS section in the ``cinder.conf`` create the same section in
the ``/opt/emc/scaleio/openstack/connector.conf`` and populate it with
passwords. Example:
.. code-block:: ini
san_password = SIO_PASSWD
san_password = SIO2_PASSWD
Configuration options