Pylint: Filter out cinder.objects and requests E1101

Use generated-members to filter out false positives.

Unfortunately, generated-members doesn't really work
right, but this is close enough for now.

Change-Id: I184c3c98a90428dbb033da42d8938e8af9866b78
Eric Harney 2019-02-21 13:27:06 -05:00
parent 786246e66f
commit aa13e3b3c3
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@ -223,3 +223,8 @@ additional-builtins=_
# List of module names for which member attributes should not be checked
# This is for cinder.objects.*, and requests.packages.*, but due to
# it doesn't seem that generated-members can be specified correctly.
# Clean this up later when pylint works correctly.