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**Anomalies with encrypted volumes**
For the most part, users are happy with the cinder feature `Volume
encryption supported by the key manager
There are, however, some edge cases that have revealed bugs that you
and your users should be aware of.
First, some background. The Block Storage API supports the creation of
volumes in gibibyte (GiB) units. When a volume of a non-encrypted volume
type of size *n* is created, the volume contains *n* GiB of usable space.
When a volume of an encrypted type is requested, however, the volume
contains less than *n* GiB of usable space because the encryption metadata
that must be stored within that volume in order for the volume to be usable
consumes an amount of the otherwise usable space.
Although the encryption metadata consumes less than 1% of the volume,
suppose that a user wants to retype a volume of a non-encrypted type to an
encrypted type of the same size. If the non-encrypted volume is "full", we
are in the position of trying to fit 101% of its capacity into the
encrypted volume, which is not possible under the current laws of
physics, and the retype should fail (see `Known Issues
for volume encryption in the cinder documentation).
(Note that whether a volume should be considered "full", even if it doesn't
contain exactly *n* GiB of data for an *n* GiB volume, can depend upon the
storage backend technology used.)
A similar situation can arise when a user creates a volume of an encrypted
volume type from an image in Glance. If the image happens to be sized very
close to the gibibyte boundary given by the requested volume size, the
operation may fail if the image data plus the encryption metadata exceeds
the requested volume size.
So far, the behavior isn't anomalous; it's basically what you'd expect once
you are aware that the encryption metadata must be stored in the volume and
that it consumes some space.
We recently became aware of the following anomalies, however, when using
the current RBD driver with a Ceph storage backend.
* When creating an encrypted volume from an image in Glance that was
created from a non-encrypted volume uploaded as an image, or an image
that just happens to be sized very close to the gibibyte boundary given
by the requested volume size, the space consumed by the encryption header
may not leave sufficient space for the data contained in the image. In
this case, the data is silently truncated to fit within the requested
volume size.
* Similarly, when creating an encrypted volume from a snapshot of an
encrypted volume, if the amount of data in the original volume at the
time the snapshot was created is very close to the gibibyte boundary
given by the volume's size, it is possible for the data in the new
volume to be silently truncated.
Not to put too fine a point on it, silent truncation is worse than failure,
and the Cinder team will be addressing these issues in the next release.
Additionally (as if that isn't bad enough!), we suspect that the above
anomalies will also occur when using volume encryption with NFS-based
storage backends, though this has not yet been reported or confirmed.