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Brian Rosmaita e05b261af7 Remove Block Storage API v2
In this patch:
- adjusted VersionsController to return only v3
- removed cinder.api.v2.router
- adjustments to cinder.tests.unit.api.contrib to use /v3 only
- moved cinder.api.v2.snapshot_metadata (and tests) to cinder.api.v3
- moved cinder.api.v2.types (and view, tests) to cinder.api.v3
- updated versions response in api-ref
- removed unnecessary config option
- updated various sample config files
- removed experimental tempest-cinder-v2-api job
- updated some docs
- updated non-voting rally job config

Some cinder.api.v2 modules are left because the v3 classes depend on
them, but with the v2 router removed, these are unreachable via the
/v2 path.

(changes rally to use Block Storage API v3)
(corrects regression in upper-constraint on Sphinx)

Change-Id: I2093d77db9beec7543c7524d2cd273e79dd5fd5d
2021-06-04 17:21:28 -04:00
Luigi Toscano 11d74a2f08 Small doc updates: canonical URLs, rally doc, etc
- use the canonical URL on for OpenStack projects
  whenever it is possible;
- use a reference to cinder-specs instead of the code repository;
- update few rally URLs, removing one which does not exist anymore;
- update the repository URL of the datera driver.

Change-Id: Ib14346026bd34f90aea588c35407e5e2af505866
2019-06-04 17:57:16 +02:00
Boris Pavlovic 227ebf9a24 Switch Rally Task To format V2
- Format V1 was deprecated
- rally-jobs/cinder-fake.yaml is not used

Change-Id: Idf69e0084334d25ccd73730428e36809573e2146
2017-10-13 08:37:57 +00:00
Eric Harney 9b05388e5c Fix rally "volume_type" parameter
Rally test create_snapshot_and_attach_volume
currently fails with:

    "The parameter 'volume_type' is required
     and should not be empty."

Change-Id: Icc5c4538d99e18d210718842db973ca1dfa48b5a
2017-06-29 20:19:46 +03:00
chenhb 87d0ca0d0f Fix rally job gate-rally-dsvm-cinder-ubuntu-xenial-nv
1.Rally job is often failed, the error is related with image not found.
Lets change image name and try to fix it.
2.The volume_type argument should specify type, True/False has not been
allowed in CinderVolumes.create_snapshot_and_attach_volume scenario.

Change-Id: Icba98641716e1bce3dbd28fe8b4551d21c49a216
2017-04-11 16:11:50 +08:00
Danny Al-Gaaf e3e749fa30 doc: verify all rst files
Make use of doc8 to verify all rst files which are not
autogenerated for errors and fail if there are any issues
found. The doc8 checks are now part of the tox 'docs'
environment and ran automatically. Checks can also be called
direcly via 'tox -e docs'.

Fix all issues found by doc8.

Closes-Bug: #1566765

Change-Id: I2b25247030a1aadcfe029c9e071ef17f2f72046b
Signed-off-by: Danny Al-Gaaf <>
2017-02-14 12:36:57 +01:00
Ivan Kolodyazhny 6449812638 Disable Rally backup-related scenarios
Backup tests failed on gates due to the configuration
or Rally issue. Let's skip them until bug #1543987 will
be fixed.

Change-Id: Ic99531dad4fab5e22e295e19bbfa94c782212d2c
Related-Bug: #1543987
2016-02-15 20:44:52 +02:00
Ivan Kolodyazhny 3d0ac4f4ec Use Cinder API v2 for Rally scenarios
Cinder API v1 is deprecated so it feels good to test API v2 only to
decrease gating time.

Closes-Bug: #1523583
Change-Id: I91a233e8423ba878ed33b7d89812a416cbacdc95
2015-12-07 18:24:39 +02:00
Ivan Kolodyazhny c64452f473 Add more Rally scenarios to run
Cinder has an outdated list of Rally scenarios to run on gates. Let's
keep it up-to-date and run all available scenarios to cover cases which
Tempest doesn't cover.

Change-Id: I8a3c64b1d2d3b41bee9c98cc021e793a11fed94e
2015-08-04 21:26:35 +00:00
Alexander Maretskiy e620bc1753 Changes in rally-jobs/README.rst
 * fix broken links
 * add link to release notes

Change-Id: I01b360bab2ea08f3f940ea5992ac6981b68074b5
2015-06-04 17:46:27 +03:00
Boris Pavlovic eaebe04499 Fix configratuion of rally jobs
* Reduce requested resources by rally job
* Remove nested snapshot benchmark cause seems like it has some
  issues not related to cinder

Change-Id: Id38cc0670f081b352e7db2b63e47e156ed277382
2015-01-29 05:02:57 +03:00
Boris Pavlovic 11790952d5 Add more rally benchmarks related to Cinder
Some of Rally benchmarks related to Cinder are failing often.
Especially benchmarks that attach volumes.

Adding all Cinder related benchmarks to cinder gate to help
Cinder team to fix issues.

As well make this job put to Jenkins +1/-1.
For that we added for every benchmark sla section
that checks that there is no failed iterations.

Change-Id: I3b32dd91792445d26755e8d469edb5d3f82ebca2
2015-01-08 17:27:55 +03:00
Boris Pavlovic 76c015df85 Update rally job files
Rename rally-scenarios/ to rally-jobs/ Because it makes much more sense
to call directory with jobs files rally-jobs

Add pretty README files, that describes how to write plugins and use
extra dir

Update main README.rst file that describes what the hell is this=)

Add cinder-fakevirt.yaml that will be required after this infra patch
is merged:

Change-Id: Ic7e5e8a99fc1385638fb187a04475a42eedcfeb2
2014-11-24 21:56:29 +04:00