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Eric Harney 6f2efb871b Port to Python 3
This allows "tox -e pep8" to succeed on
CentOS 8.

This is only called from the pep8 env which
already specifies a basepython of python3, so
it should be ok.

Change-Id: Id11e137bc8e1fb50e551639c2be067647c5bc9d4
2019-09-26 10:13:53 -04:00
Eric Harney 6460050c5c Add releasenotes to check_exec list
Prevent addition of executable files in
the releasenotes/notes directory.

Change-Id: I80ac0b7fce7b16a453fe9139f0dacf88325af8e7
2017-08-16 15:50:44 -04:00
Eric Harney b985bae7c4 Detect addition of executable files
When running pep8 checks, fail if executable
files have accidentally been added.

Change-Id: Ia0efa629acf794f8e0e9b78de24b5385776c1e66
2015-08-31 12:19:51 -04:00