30 Commits (46bec90f034df3efe50c84c6ae735d9b649f4176)

Author SHA1 Message Date
yenai 6f93d64ff0 Add empty check before using zone driver 4 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 3b28cb2a10 FC: refactor fczm utils decorators to functions 4 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 43b1209f2a Fix: Incorrect replication status on clusters 4 years ago
xing-yang 32e67f3119 Tiramisu: Add groups param to failover_host 5 years ago
junboli aea33343c6 Use SnapshotStatus enum field 5 years ago
xing-yang 18744ba199 Tiramisu: replication group support 5 years ago
Arnon Yaari e01f24fe3b Rename AddFCZone and RemoveFCZone according to PEP 8 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny adcc5c7ff0 Add logging to FakeLoggingVolumeDriver 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny f5fa8c73f0 Merge two fake drivers into the one FakeLoggingVolumeDriver 6 years ago
John Griffith 9286ab42ab Move fake_driver to tests root dir 6 years ago
Szymon Wroblewski 83a1fdb5c4 Update initialize_connection to use versionedobjects 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny ffecc60a25 Remove duplicated fake drivers 6 years ago
Mitsuhiro Tanino dc29f02c6d Add replication v2.1 test cases 6 years ago
Ryan McNair d3b769f4a3 Add get_volume_stats for LoggingVolumeDriver 7 years ago
John Griffith 2ed92b09d5 Remove useless get_replication_updates driver call 7 years ago
Slade Baumann 14ef9330b1 Add ConsistencyGroupStatus enum field 7 years ago
Sean McGinnis dbce6abe96 Remove deprecated LVM ISCSI and ISER Drivers 7 years ago
Xing Yang fabee91d85 Add a FakeGateDriver 7 years ago
Xing Yang 2143b39da5 Attach snapshot - driver only 7 years ago
Xing Yang e78018bd05 Non-disruptive backup 7 years ago
Sean McGinnis 46e1f1741d Remove useless logging from unit tests 7 years ago
Victor Stinner 55eca11e07 Replace dict.iteritems() with dict.items() 7 years ago
John Griffith cbcbc90cf6 Move unit tests into dedicated directory 7 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 5980da5d88 Use oslo.log instead of oslo-incubator 8 years ago
Anton Arefiev 753f83cd17 Import only modules: H302 8 years ago
John Griffith 9651f54714 Transition LVM Driver to use Target Objects 8 years ago
Mike Mason 9ad858c9c9 Implementing the use of _L’x’/i18n markers 8 years ago
James Carey ac33ad9ec9 Use oslo.i18n 8 years ago
Jay S. Bryant eafcc41e82 Explicitly import _() in Cinder code 8 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 824de4a01d Ensure FC ZoneManager is called 8 years ago
Christian Berendt 5061ab9586 debug level logs should not be translated 8 years ago
Dirk Mueller 45a3b4471d Changed header from LLC to Foundation based on trademark policies 9 years ago
Zhi Yan Liu 900851ffe3 Adding Read-Only volume attaching support to Cinder 9 years ago
John Griffith 878ac164a3 Fix python 3 pep8 errors for print 9 years ago
John Griffith b69990682b Refactor LVM driver to use Brick VG utility 9 years ago
Shlomi Sasson 1dd09a955b Adding support for iSER transport protocol 9 years ago
Pádraig Brady bb06ebd0f6 support a configurable volume wiping method 10 years ago
Avishay Traeger 5f41390dde Factor out LVM code. 10 years ago
clayg 956731973e Add admin only action for force detach 10 years ago
Nirmal Ranganathan bad23ceff8 Splitting out volume drivers in driver.py 10 years ago