25 Commits (5157b50eb5d5bead898f84eb551f1e7c774c34f2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Eric Harney d5fed21fdf API validation: Add cinder_host type to support ipv6 in manage 10 months ago
zhufl 4fa03dd417 Fix duplicated words issue like " should should " 2 years ago
haixin 15b867c0a9 Add volume type name and description check when update volume type 2 years ago
Mohammed Naser 534fa38f4c Allow using forward slashes in metadata 3 years ago
Sean McGinnis b69e041dd6
Update volume create schema to allow 'null' 3 years ago
bhagyashris 48b8973aed V3 jsonschema validation: Volumes 4 years ago
Neha Alhat 122e93f741 V3 jsonschema validation: volume_type_encryption 4 years ago
Michael McAleer 6e06ab87c0 Additional fix for hostname validation regex 3 years ago
pooja jadhav 296da64945 V3 jsonschema validation: os-services 4 years ago
Luiz Gavioli 1b243abc23 Fix hostname validation regex. 3 years ago
Matt Riedemann 91139c9fc1 Fix os-detach attachment_id schema 3 years ago
pooja jadhav 31b1626320 V3 jsonschema validation: Quota classes 4 years ago
Neha Alhat 9ae5811625 V3 json schema validation: workers 4 years ago
pooja jadhav d209139227 V3 jsonschema validation: volume actions 4 years ago
Neha Alhat fd764488cf V3 jsonschema validation: types_extra_specs 4 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 5feaf74ccf Support cross AZ backups 4 years ago
ivyzhang 05cd2c1b8d Fix: validation error if the optional parameter's value is None 4 years ago
pooja jadhav 1dc6fd93c2 V3 jsonschema validation: Backups 4 years ago
Neha Alhat 94460b64fb V2/V3 jsonschema validation: snapshots 4 years ago
Neha Alhat 2dedaf1fab V3 jsonschema validation: Volume-types 4 years ago
pooja jadhav 65d57cf4b1 V3 jsonschema validation: Group Snapshots 4 years ago
pooja jadhav f71b7063c1 V3 jsonschema validation: Group types 4 years ago
pooja jadhav 95ba9118c6 V3 jsonschema validation: Attachments 4 years ago
Dinesh Bhor 5420c0bf5f V3 jsonschema validation: base schema framework 4 years ago