36 Commits (5157b50eb5d5bead898f84eb551f1e7c774c34f2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Eric Harney d5fed21fdf API validation: Add cinder_host type to support ipv6 in manage 10 months ago
Sean McGinnis 3eb9b422f4
Introduce flake8-import-order extension 2 years ago
Eric Harney c35d78687e Re-enable new pycodestyle errors 2 years ago
Michael McAleer 6e06ab87c0 Additional fix for hostname validation regex 3 years ago
Luiz Gavioli 1b243abc23 Fix hostname validation regex. 3 years ago
Neha Alhat 1201515997 V3 json schema validation: volume manage 4 years ago
John Griffith 950e693697 Make service object UUID not nullable 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis e918482674 Use constants for microversion values 4 years ago
dineshbhor 4d4ba60f9b Fix metadata api's raises TypeError 5 years ago
poojajadhav 90fed35450 Extracted HTTP response codes to constants 5 years ago
Eric Harney 467740f886 Tests: Use six.moves.urllib urlencode 5 years ago
Dinesh Bhor bb3bfb1434 Fix 500 error while listing manageable volumes and snapshots 5 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 0d2dceddd0 Add more operations to cluster 5 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 3c6a64b66a Fix service_get mock method 5 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 9acf079b8c Support A/A on Scheduler operations 5 years ago
Mykhailo Dovgal 2d79c21547 Add is_up property to service and cluster objects 5 years ago
Kendall Nelson 0a32edb94c Add VolumeAttachStatus Enum 6 years ago
dineshbhor e435194463 Return HTTPBadRequest instead of HTTPNotFound 5 years ago
wanghao efd1f5c7eb Refactor volume status in managing vol 5 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 889947c622 Fail manage operations if service is down 5 years ago
lg.yue a940f1748a Add metadata length check to volume-manage 5 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 6cfecade9e Refactor sqlalchemy service methods 6 years ago
Vipin Balachandran 6cf7227bbf Fix assertEqual usage in test_volume_manage 5 years ago
xiexs 5a9c4d92d7 Trivial: Use fake.VOLUME_ID instead of id 5 years ago
xiexs 28b5c7e101 Add strict Boolean checking for volume manage 5 years ago
Avishay Traeger 1574ccf2d2 List manageable volumes and snapshots 6 years ago
Tom Barron 453e4a563a Fix volume test uuid warnings in api.contrib 6 years ago
Cyril Roelandt 75c04831bc Python 3: fix a lot of tests 6 years ago
Thang Pham dabc7dedbb Update get/delete_volume API to use versionedobjects 6 years ago
Skyler Berg 3c236141c9 Fix argument order for assertEqual in tests 6 years ago
PranaliDeore cf67960607 Validate string, integer limit for input parameter 6 years ago
appsdesh 4982812364 Fix order of arguments in assertEqual 6 years ago
John Griffith cbcbc90cf6 Move unit tests into dedicated directory 7 years ago
Jay S. Bryant 30bb83d64f Move oslo.serialization to oslo_serialization namespace 7 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 69548a0b9f Switch to oslo.serialization 7 years ago
Eric Harney 4821ca15c2 Remove executable bits on various files 7 years ago
Zhiteng Huang e0dae50dc8 Enable import group hacking rule 7 years ago
Geraint North e6a3206523 Volume manage/unmanage support 8 years ago