57 Commits (85aee67dc7a3754e3e8b794cc2bf13dc203d9398)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Gorka Eguileor 85aee67dc7 Quota: Fix until_refresh config changes 11 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 29edc0fd25 Remove unused quota python classes 11 months ago
Rajat Dhasmana aa77afe310 Remove NestedQuotaDriver 1 year ago
xuanyandong 72c6dc564a Remove six of files under cinder/test/unit 1 year ago
Eric Harney d4eb4a9ba1 Move unit test code under tests/unit/ 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis 3eb9b422f4
Introduce flake8-import-order extension 2 years ago
whoami-rajat a550ade303 Untyped to Default Volume Type 3 years ago
wangxiyuan 19dd18b17f Remove auth_uri usage 3 years ago
Abhishek Sharma 5c8b528f4c Removed gb quota decrement in grp snapshot delete 4 years ago
Zhiteng Huang 08c2442a87 Check available capacity before creating resources 4 years ago
Abhishek Sharma b3669fa67c Correct gb,snapshot quota update in group snapshot 4 years ago
TommyLike ad90f40d85 Don't lock whole project's resource when reserve/commit 4 years ago
Eric Harney 76a63308f4 Fix python 3.6 escape char warnings in strings 5 years ago
jeremy.zhang 85a1b8d40b Enable some off-by-default checks 5 years ago
wangxiyuan 788ab6af19 Fix backup_api_class doesn't work 5 years ago
Carl Pecinovsky 25d6d0848c Add an optional db session argument to cinder.db.sqlalchemy.api. 5 years ago
Lingxian Kong d8613844b9 Fix max_age calculation for quota usage refresh 6 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 7647f994f1 Set replication_status on volume creation 5 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 8d5653730c Improve DB method naming consistency 6 years ago
Kendall Nelson 0a32edb94c Add VolumeAttachStatus Enum 6 years ago
Dao Cong Tien 14063a1eb1 Stop using mox in unit/*.py (2/2) 6 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 486dfe3bfc Remove host assignment in Snapshot OVO 5 years ago
Jamie Lennox 0bd4a6c286 Don't apply config fixture to auth_token.CONF 6 years ago
Kendall Nelson 7043cc1cb9 Add SnapshotStatus enum field 6 years ago
Tom Barron 8c3abfdfb0 Tests: lower case all fake uuid constants 6 years ago
Tom Barron 41e4a9b771 fix invalid uuid warnings from test_quota 6 years ago
Ryan McNair 199162ed07 Lazy load a project quotas's default values 6 years ago
Ryan McNair 46bb7fe773 Update quotas to handle domain acting as project 6 years ago
Ryan McNair c02336e4dd Re-enable -1 child limits for nested quotas 6 years ago
Ryan McNair 7ebd4904b9 Split out NestedQuotas into a separate driver 6 years ago
LisaLi faee0520a4 Scaling backup service 6 years ago
LisaLi b1a322cf8f Update quota when volume type renames 6 years ago
Raildo Mascena 5e5c66be48 Include allocated quota value in the quota reserve 6 years ago
Ryan Rossiter a137a4cd71 Add BackupStatus enum field 6 years ago
wanghao c68bc2eb2b Retyping volume got error under max vol limit 6 years ago
Thang Pham dabc7dedbb Update get/delete_volume API to use versionedobjects 6 years ago
Ollie Leahy ceb65b6f86 Use project id from volume when retyping volumes 6 years ago
Daniel Tadrzak 200a65fa26 Cleanup for SnapshotObject 7 years ago
Vilobh Meshram 8a7ab267a6 Cinder Nested Quota Driver 7 years ago
Skyler Berg 3c236141c9 Fix argument order for assertEqual in tests 7 years ago
Vipin Balachandran 1d0695bf86 Fix volume limit exceeded exception 7 years ago
appsdesh 4982812364 Fix order of arguments in assertEqual 7 years ago
Erickson Santos e2eb94bdbb Fix get default quota values for subprojects 7 years ago
Vilobh Meshram 828894e4da Nested Quota: Set default values to subproject 7 years ago
Forest Romain 76e0532db2 Correct overquota error message 7 years ago
Rakesh Mishra 445dfee259 Add config option to set max_volume_size_limit 7 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 5800f25f7e Leverage dict comprehension in PEP-0274 7 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 0ee1ea83b9 Preserve usage and reservations on quota deletion 7 years ago
John Griffith cbcbc90cf6 Move unit tests into dedicated directory 7 years ago
Xing Yang e7f592df7b Add support to incremental backups in cinder 7 years ago