27 Commits (e31158cd242468f11421b524c32a6bbdfc6136d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Eric Harney 6b067f2b47 Import HTTPStatus instead of http_client 1 year ago
xuanyandong a85ce6c817 Remove six of dir cinder/api/* 1 year ago
imacdonn 3ae2bd6728 Exclude disabled API versions from listing 3 years ago
zhangbailin 234a0784bf Replace http with https for doc links in cinder 4 years ago
Matt Riedemann abeb810290 Do not load extendable routes for the Versions router 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis e918482674 Use constants for microversion values 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis 3e91de956e Remove API v1 4 years ago
Jose Castro Leon cdf9a9c0ff Avoid register extensions on the versions router 4 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 678a77a905 Fix version numbers on media-types 5 years ago
Sean McGinnis f6d3454f60 Deprecate API v2 5 years ago
poojajadhav 9f874a9ca0 Extracted HTTP response codes to constants 5 years ago
zhufl 3ef1fad8f8 Remove unused config.CONF 5 years ago
Gorka Eguileor a8edbd2e8d Improve api_version decorator to avoid noqa 5 years ago
Colleen Murphy e2cf841451 Mark the v1 API as deprecated 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny c042a05ac3 Remove XML API 6 years ago
scottda 6b11d276d1 cinder-api-microversions code 6 years ago
wangxiyuan 21735a2159 Fix wrong response with version details 7 years ago
Jay S. Bryant 6a2df86bba Move oslo.config to oslo_config namespace 7 years ago
Mike Perez dce0424d90 Deprecate the V1 API 8 years ago
Andreas Jaeger c1c1020542 Fix broken version responses 8 years ago
DennyZhang ff3f2e5735 Remove vim header 8 years ago
Dirk Mueller 45a3b4471d Changed header from LLC to Foundation based on trademark policies 8 years ago
Sergey Vilgelm 67f39bf1f2 Replace FLAGS with cfg.CONF in api 8 years ago
Brian Waldon c2ee6e2187 Hide v1/v2 version entities in API when disabled 9 years ago
Mike Perez 75ca60f619 adding copy of v1 as v2 9 years ago
Mike Perez 30f8d3f8d6 Moving common api code into cinder.api 9 years ago
Nirmal Ranganathan 4c20252389 Removed cinder/api/openstack/compute and moved the relevant pieces under 10 years ago
Jenkins c53d8e343e Initial fork out of Nova. 10 years ago