288 Commits (e31158cd242468f11421b524c32a6bbdfc6136d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Gorka Eguileor 0b2c0d9238 LVM: Fix delete volume error due to lvs failure 6 months ago
Eric Harney 02521d19fc LVM: fix _create_vg 7 months ago
Eric Harney f19a92064a LVM: Support only LVM 2.02.107+ 9 months ago
Eric Harney 83e511e012 LVM: Use --readonly for lvs 9 months ago
xuanyandong 18d869276b Remove six of dir cinder/brick,cinder/common,cinder/interface,cinder/objects 12 months ago
Sean McGinnis d9ce598f0c Raise hacking version to 2.0.0 2 years ago
Charles Short ec6eaa21fd Replace 'lvconvert' from rootwrap 3 years ago
Charles Short 303741a4b3 Use oslo.privsep for 'lvcreate' 3 years ago
Charles Short 26ede03486 Remove 'lvrename' from rootwrap 3 years ago
Sean McGinnis 709b49516c Revert "Synchronize all LVM operations" 3 years ago
Dan Smith 206f980cc2 Synchronize all LVM operations 3 years ago
Chuck Short dd5f136442 Remove udevadm from rootwrap 3 years ago
Sean McGinnis 49f3c57d97
Add retry to LVM deactivation 3 years ago
Antony Cleave 5643f60b4d Fixes creation of mirrored volumes due to wrong type 4 years ago
wanghongxu 9a386cee12 set vg_thin_pool_size to float type 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis a2b7b8d74a Add retries to LVM logical volume activation 4 years ago
Eric Harney 99d79431e3 LVM: Activate LV before creating exports 4 years ago
wang yong e5f4168bf2 Remove the unnecessary pv_list assign during LVM object init 4 years ago
Eric Harney 7033774fbb LVM: Don't initialize VG with lvm_type='auto' 4 years ago
Thomas Bechtold e8f1b419a4 Revert "Don't use ignoreskipactivation for thin LVM" 4 years ago
Eric Harney 8f5e10d7ed Don't use ignoreskipactivation for thin LVM 4 years ago
TommyLike 8fba9a9080 Cinder volume revert to snapshot 5 years ago
Sean McGinnis 5744301777 Give more time for LVM deactivation 4 years ago
XieYingYun 1293e25115 Fix some format error in docstrings 5 years ago
chenhb 55deba86db Fix the missing args bug while lvm creates volume failed 5 years ago
Sean McGinnis a55a6b5c71 Remove log translations 5 years ago
Huangsm 5e0957b20d Correct Extend lvm Volume 5 years ago
Bob Ball c891ca9a7b Convert ignoreskippedcluster check to be static 5 years ago
wanghongtaozz bc4052d271 Modify the spelling mistakes 5 years ago
Dmitry Kudyukin 51815402f0 Cluster volume group fix in lvm 5 years ago
Markus Zoeller 7e7e9952ed LVM: collect more debug data when VG creation fails 5 years ago
John Griffith 055ec1ce73 Provide cfg to ignore lvm descriptor leak warnings 5 years ago
Nate Potter 4373e98fa0 Remove race condition from lvextend 5 years ago
Avishay Traeger 697b98b42f LVM driver: list manageable volumes and snapshots 5 years ago
Sean McGinnis 54bc59520f Cleanup orphaned code from brick LVM 6 years ago
Michal Dulko 81645a9ca6 Add LC_ALL=C to lvcreate, lvextend and pvresize 6 years ago
Fergal Mc Carthy 6f05f11945 Use lvm_conf_file directory for LVM_SYSTEM_DIR value. 6 years ago
Victor Stinner 3fda737f53 Port test_srb to Python 3 6 years ago
Fergal Mc Carthy adf2d4306a Setup LVM_SYSTEM_DIR earlier in LVM.__init() 6 years ago
Tomoki Sekiyama a953ecea5b Efficient image transfer for Glance cinder store 6 years ago
Curt Bruns 314611f79a Add deactivate step to extend_lv 6 years ago
Alberto Murillo a0e2f994ff Update expected error message from lvs 6 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 88da45569c Remove Brick from cinder codebase 7 years ago
John Griffith b813f3f807 Add retry to lvm delete 6 years ago
Walter A. Boring IV 64d7923f36 Mask passwords with iscsiadm commands 7 years ago
Sean McGinnis 976cfe77d1 Logging not using oslo.i18n guidelines (brick) 7 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 319bddcc03 Use six.text_type instead of unicode 7 years ago
Lee Yarwood 2fe4de571e Fix multipath device discovery when UFN is enabled. 7 years ago
Hahyun 4f887bf630 Fix wrong command for _rescan_multipath 7 years ago
John Griffith 6905485343 Remove LP bug ref in remove_iscsi_device 7 years ago