55 Commits (e31158cd242468f11421b524c32a6bbdfc6136d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Matt Riedemann 3cef55907b nova: use EndpointNotFound from keystoneauth1 2 years ago
TommyLike 3aec5274da Add user messages for extend volume operation 3 years ago
Sean McGinnis 50e6b7af36 Clean out config deprecation information 4 years ago
nirajsingh 0787710c24 Add service_token for cinder-nova interaction 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis 82447a26b5 Update oslo.context RequestContext args 4 years ago
Gyorgy Szombathelyi c463c6f50c Remove deprecated nova config options 4 years ago
Jay S. Bryant b5fe8f6eb1 [DOC BLD FIX] Fix formatting in cinder.compute.nova 4 years ago
Mathieu Gagné 3dd842de82 Add ability to extend 'in-use' volume 5 years ago
zhangdaolong b1a6784799 Fix the inappropriate parameter name 4 years ago
Sean Dague 72800e6b22 Send global_request_id to nova/glance when calls are made 4 years ago
Gyorgy Szombathelyi f11b51b55e Use the deprecated os_privileged_xxx settings 4 years ago
Gyorgy Szombathelyi da93e11794 Modernize the nova client in cinder 4 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi de3979f184 Remove TODO related to Nova API version 5 years ago
Sean Dague 95550a5095 Change nova_catalog_admin_info to default to publicURL 5 years ago
Sean McGinnis 53f2e4cca4 Replace deprecated pylint disable-msg with disable 5 years ago
Dirk Mueller 5b1c206b8f Improve compatibility with novaclient 7.0.0 5 years ago
Clenimar Filemon 4fe3f4cfda Read domain info from context when contacting nova 5 years ago
lisali 2cd599ac6b Fix the interface to call update_server_volume 5 years ago
liusheng c614308563 Bump to Nova v2.1 5 years ago
Jordan Pittier 7570482c53 Assisted snapshot: use Keystone Session with Nova Client 5 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 48ca2ca67c Fix InstanceLocalityFilter scheduler filter 6 years ago
Nate Potter db8076be96 Don't use default=None for config options 6 years ago
Matt Riedemann 27e7ad0bd9 Revert "Handle correct exception raised by python-novaclient" 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 99dc6d3475 Handle correct exception raised by python-novaclient 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny c131767a19 Fix usage of novaclient 6 years ago
Kendall Nelson 86197acd36 Cleaning up CONF.register_opts() in compute/__init__.py 6 years ago
Yusuke Hayashi 000aeb9df7 Update deprecated version of novaclient 6 years ago
Mathieu Gagné c228066002 Add ability to override OpenStack privileged user auth url 6 years ago
Sean McGinnis 3578d9e341 Logging not using oslo.i18n guidelines 7 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 5980da5d88 Use oslo.log instead of oslo-incubator 7 years ago
Adrien Vergé 43374438bd Pass region name to Nova client 7 years ago
Bharat Kumar Kobagana 5370563250 Passing privileged user to create nova assisted snapshots 7 years ago
Anish Bhatt cbcda7c7e8 Change oslo.* to oslo_* 7 years ago
Jay S. Bryant b6ec77e6d4 Move oslo.utils to oslo_utils namespace 7 years ago
Jay S. Bryant 6a2df86bba Move oslo.config to oslo_config namespace 7 years ago
Adrien Vergé 0269a26f13 Add an instance-locality filter 7 years ago
Adrien Vergé 04003d7c51 Add a privileged user for OpenStack services 7 years ago
Trung Trinh 5ad15c040f Correct default service_name for nova_catalog*_info config option 7 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 7d341e267f Use oslo.utils 7 years ago
git-harry 72a3092bc6 Remove cinder/compute/aggregate_states.py 7 years ago
Christian Berendt 5061ab9586 debug level logs should not be translated 7 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 464277220d Improve consistency of help strings 8 years ago
ruichen 09b20b1b84 Fix wrong example of "nova_endpoint_template" 8 years ago
DennyZhang ff3f2e5735 Remove vim header 8 years ago
skudriashev 9c7f5c9c64 Fix spelling errors 8 years ago
Dirk Mueller 2de87b883e Fix and enable gating on F401 8 years ago
Eric Harney 096b3e2337 Require assisted_volume_snapshots from novaclient 8 years ago
Zhiteng Huang d13342409f Fix over-indent in compute/nova 8 years ago
Dirk Mueller 45a3b4471d Changed header from LLC to Foundation based on trademark policies 8 years ago
Eric Harney 03a41f863b QEMU-assisted-snapshots for GlusterFS volumes 8 years ago