287 Commits (e31158cd242468f11421b524c32a6bbdfc6136d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Gorka Eguileor bea4586635 Fix volume OVO create method 7 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 779b0249fa Fix old attach method 7 months ago
Sean McGinnis d6df2c20cb
Remove collections.abc backwards compatibility 11 months ago
xuanyandong 18d869276b Remove six of dir cinder/brick,cinder/common,cinder/interface,cinder/objects 12 months ago
Rodrigo Barbieri 8ebeafcbba Fix cross-project incremental backups 1 year ago
Sofia Enriquez a98969380a Cinder backup export broken 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis 3eb9b422f4
Introduce flake8-import-order extension 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis d9ce598f0c Raise hacking version to 2.0.0 2 years ago
Shatadru Bandyopadhyay 9359daa747 Removed unnecessary lines 2 years ago
whoami-rajat a550ade303 Untyped to Default Volume Type 3 years ago
Eric Harney de789648e5 Rename volume/utils.py to volume/volume_utils.py 2 years ago
Eric Harney ec70a02ddf Log exception info when objects fail to init 2 years ago
wanghao 5018727f8e Support Incremental Backup Completion In RBD 3 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 2e73bede80 Fix DetachedInstanceError for VolumeAttachment 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis 920a87866b Handle collections.abc deprecations 2 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 42ce739a08 Fix VolumeAttachment is not bound to a Session 3 years ago
Eric Harney 7ad0b0660c Fix Snapshot object metadata loading 3 years ago
Serhii Rusin ed02273d2f Initiating Cinder Volume Manager with large number of volumes 3 years ago
Alan Bishop 541168b86e Fix A/A 'resource_backend' when scheduling volumes 3 years ago
whoami-rajat 179ebac5d6 Adding missing Volume states to VolumeStatus enum 3 years ago
whoami-rajat b735c44c24 Add tests for multiattach check in cinder.objects 3 years ago
TommyLike af66bce676 Add 'volume_attachment' to volume expected attributes 3 years ago
whoami-rajat 043ac5e574 Make code py3-compatible (global callable()) 3 years ago
TommyLike a61677ffd5 Keep volume's status in 'creating' when creating from backup 3 years ago
Neha Alhat 51c293dba3 V3 jsonschema validation: admin_actions 4 years ago
TommyLike 306fa19079 Support availability-zone type 4 years ago
Jon Bernard df81b59f9d Add support for promoting a failed over backend 4 years ago
TommyLike e1ec4b4c2e Support filter backend based on operation type 4 years ago
Alan Bishop 341dd44ba7 Handle migrating encryption key IDs in Backup table 4 years ago
Jon Bernard de9c02c093 OVO: support query for disabled services 4 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 4ff9e63707 Fix leftovers after backup abort 4 years ago
Alan Bishop bec756e040 Fix how backups handle encryption key IDs 4 years ago
TommyLike 7ccfb2c8d9 Validate volume status again when snapshot created 4 years ago
Matt Riedemann bf5c34e30a Add online data migration routine for attachment_specs 4 years ago
Matt Riedemann 7875f14199 Store host connector in volume_attachment.connector column 4 years ago
John Griffith 2fa6fdd784 Add shared_targets flag to Volumes 4 years ago
luqitao 39694623e4 Support create volume from backup 4 years ago
John Griffith cdb6cdcc96 Add service_uuid FK to volumes 4 years ago
wangxiyuan f50b355577 Fix resource count for os-host show 4 years ago
TommyLike 945a2754a9 Add missing 'obj_make_compatible' in RequestSpec object 4 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 7993e49fda Fix VolumeAttachment OVO Volume lazy loading 4 years ago
TommyLike 935eee712b Schedule the request to scheduler when creating from snapshot/volume 4 years ago
John Griffith 950e693697 Make service object UUID not nullable 4 years ago
John Griffith e88d3b2c82 Fix migration 112 to use live_data_migration API 4 years ago
yanghuichan 4c2584c813 Fix grammatical mistake, Changed character from "a" to "an" 4 years ago
wangxiyuan f9a4ee90b7 Support metadata for backup resource 4 years ago
xing-yang ffe5a72f44 Pop "consistencygroup" from volume object 4 years ago
wangxiyuan 48ce34a68e Add group to cluster when init host 4 years ago
xing-yang 32e67f3119 Tiramisu: Add groups param to failover_host 4 years ago
TommyLike 8fba9a9080 Cinder volume revert to snapshot 5 years ago