23 Commits (e31158cd242468f11421b524c32a6bbdfc6136d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
whoami-rajat 179ebac5d6 Adding missing Volume states to VolumeStatus enum 3 years ago
TommyLike a61677ffd5 Keep volume's status in 'creating' when creating from backup 3 years ago
Neha Alhat 51c293dba3 V3 jsonschema validation: admin_actions 4 years ago
TommyLike 8fba9a9080 Cinder volume revert to snapshot 5 years ago
jeremy.zhang 7cebd197c3 Fix connection_info field in VolumeAttachment object 4 years ago
xing-yang 18744ba199 Tiramisu: replication group support 5 years ago
wangxiyuan d304f621c2 Don't change volume's status when create backups from snapshots 5 years ago
John Griffith 22e6998868 Add new attachment APIS 5 years ago
Eric Harney 3b17143979 Add 'unmanaging' state to volumes and snapshots 5 years ago
TommyLike 304ff4c23d [2/4]Reset group snapshot status 5 years ago
Kendall Nelson 0a32edb94c Add VolumeAttachStatus Enum 6 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny e38d039228 Remove code duplication in enums 5 years ago
xing-yang 8c74c74695 Add generic volume groups 6 years ago
Ryan McNair e9c217fb5d Move QualityOfServiceSpecs to use VersionedObject 6 years ago
Michał Dulko 7369aaee2a Remove IN_USE from ConsistencyGroupStatus enum 5 years ago
Kendall Nelson 7043cc1cb9 Add SnapshotStatus enum field 6 years ago
John Griffith 106c14a84b Replication v2.1 (Cheesecake) 6 years ago
Slade Baumann 14ef9330b1 Add ConsistencyGroupStatus enum field 6 years ago
Ryan Rossiter a137a4cd71 Add BackupStatus enum field 6 years ago
Thang Pham 4f63f7ff48 Switch to oslo_versionedobjects 7 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 319bddcc03 Use six.text_type instead of unicode 7 years ago
Thang Pham 2b4c8e79ec Cinder objects base 7 years ago