334 Commits (e31158cd242468f11421b524c32a6bbdfc6136d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
xuanyandong b49bef7dd9 Remove six of dir cinder/scheduler/* 12 months ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny 9744849712 Rollback volume status if backup service is unavailable 1 year ago
zhaoleilc 99d51ff672 Fix a typo in the explanatory note 1 year ago
Rajat Dhasmana 06d1fb3569 Add filter_function and goodness_function to pools 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis 070411fbb7
Reduce deprecation warnings 1 year ago
Erlon R. Cruz 87a7e80a2c Fix DriverFilter string evaluations 2 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny f0211b53b8 Create backups via scheduler 3 years ago
whoami-rajat 1e67072122 Fix: failed to create snapshot with DriverFilter 2 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny acfc87e201 Publish backup capabilities to a scheduler 3 years ago
Eric Harney ca5c2ce4e8 Continue renaming volume_utils (core) 2 years ago
Eric Harney de789648e5 Rename volume/utils.py to volume/volume_utils.py 2 years ago
Daniel Pawlik e032855287 Added information how to use JsonFilter 2 years ago
Erlon R. Cruz eb4e6c9246 NetApp SolidFire: Adding new fields to scheduler data 2 years ago
Eric Harney c35d78687e Re-enable new pycodestyle errors 2 years ago
Sean McGinnis 920a87866b Handle collections.abc deprecations 2 years ago
Brian Rosmaita b0279f2080 Introduce config to supplement periodic_interval 2 years ago
zhufl e55195e88e Add missing ws seperator between words 3 years ago
wangwei 0db593d86c Fix the problem of the scheduler status 3 years ago
Chuck Short 37ffab3e22 Get rid of keys() usage 3 years ago
Erlon R. Cruz f33b234aa0 Make scheduler check online_extend_support capability 3 years ago
junboli b0ae94feb9 Add debug logs for weigher filters 3 years ago
TommyLike 3aec5274da Add user messages for extend volume operation 3 years ago
TommyLike 306fa19079 Support availability-zone type 4 years ago
TommyLike e1ec4b4c2e Support filter backend based on operation type 4 years ago
Eric M Gonzalez 34d75ca1a6 GoodnessWeigher schedules non-type volumes 3 years ago
TommyLike fe6ec36515 Collect resource id from RequestSpec parameter 3 years ago
TommyLike fe7b3812a6 [Optimize] Validate configured scheduler filters when initialize 4 years ago
Erlon R. Cruz 9c4cd4a2d7 Improve logs on scheduler 4 years ago
TommyLike 6c81586a90 Schedule request to scheduler when manage existing snapshot 4 years ago
Erlon R. Cruz f98c9da944 Overprovisioning Improvements 4 years ago
TommyLike 4bc11505be Revert volume consumed capacity when rescheduling 4 years ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 39816f9ff3 Fix create from snapshot and source volume 4 years ago
luqitao 39694623e4 Support create volume from backup 4 years ago
Zhiteng Huang 08c2442a87 Check available capacity before creating resources 4 years ago
TommyLike d812f5705f Schedule request to scheduler when create group from resource 4 years ago
TommyLike 935eee712b Schedule the request to scheduler when creating from snapshot/volume 4 years ago
TommyLike ce3830a01a Revert status to previous state on extend failure 4 years ago
Eric Harney ddb419e9ee Fix python 3.6 escape char warnings in strings 4 years ago
zhangbailin 67a1b5a224 Modify some spelling mistakes in cinder 4 years ago
zejian Zhuang 174c8deafc Fix wrong param transfer in scheduler flows 4 years ago
TommyLike a8776a726e Update backend state when extending volume 4 years ago
Ngo Quoc Cuong 8ca93ac3f7 Enable H904 check 4 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 46e1190e6b Fix scheduler_host_manager limitation 4 years ago
Gorka Eguileor 019522b9de Improve Capacity filter logging 4 years ago
junboli 91da6a3df0 Use GroupStatus enum field 4 years ago
TommyLike 848ff3ad86 Explicit user messages 5 years ago
wangxiyuan f3d66c3254 Fix NoneType has no attribute get error 4 years ago
wangxiyuan 07f242d68c Periodic task to clean expired reservation 4 years ago
TommyLike d5a3fdabca Add volume type filter to API Get-Pools 4 years ago
Gorka Eguileor a60a09ce5f Add service dynamic log change/query 5 years ago