10328 Commits (e31158cd242468f11421b524c32a6bbdfc6136d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Rajat Dhasmana b675b66d4f Fix: show volume by name for non-admins 7 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 935ddf7c72 Prevent quota and reservations to go into negative 6 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 1fb0767d88 Fix quota usage duplicate entries 7 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 6005fc25fb Remove nested quota leftovers 7 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 85aee67dc7 Quota: Fix until_refresh config changes 7 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 29edc0fd25 Remove unused quota python classes 7 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 0b2c0d9238 LVM: Fix delete volume error due to lvs failure 6 months ago
Gorka Eguileor b77fb72aa9 Change snapshots type with volume retype 6 months ago
Gorka Eguileor 8f03b26f50 Fix automatic quota sync for temporary volumes 6 months ago
Helen Walsh e1f56a7c85 Cinder - Creating clone of encrypted volume fails 8 months ago
Fernando Ferraz 1fba4a9e93 NetApp ONTAP: Fix FlexGroup replication 6 months ago
hamza b406e6d354 Support mTLS when calling the glance API 7 months ago
Felipe Rodrigues bb444d4a47 Follow up NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup feature 6 months ago
Ajitha Robert 77127e7d46 Bug fix for revert to snapshot feature 7 months ago
zenkuro d501d1a880 JovianDSS: add certs and snapshot restore 6 months ago
Ratnakaram Rajesh 5be6226816 Update code layout and missing Zadara features 8 months ago
Gorka Eguileor e55043ff00 Fix automatic quota sync for migrating volumes 7 months ago
GirishChilukuri 6f1531ab1b [SVF]: Volume name is not validated for host 1 year ago
GirishChilukuri fd77dfa223 [SVF]:Storwize hyperswap volume is not deleting. 8 months ago
Ajitha Robert 0d06d497c3 Add support for consistency groups in the Nimble Storage driver 7 months ago
Rajat Dhasmana 81e5a92903 NFS: Fix for groups and cloning 6 months ago
tushargite96 f89d1b7b80 Dropping explicit unicode literal 7 months ago
Felipe Rodrigues 0cb7322ac6 NetApp ONTAP: Implement FlexGroup pool 7 months ago
Christian Rohmann 0e88073882 Add support for RBD fast-diff feature for backups stored in Ceph 9 months ago
Rajat Dhasmana ace1748218 Support format info in fs type drivers 11 months ago
Ivan Pchelintsev ae00a173bd Add Consistency Groups support in PowerStore driver 7 months ago
Ivan Pchelintsev f328341ed0 Add OpenStack volume replication v2.1 support in PowerStore driver 8 months ago
Eric Harney 8687925ce7 API validation: Add cinder_host type to support ipv6 in manage 10 months ago
venkatakrishnathumu 886c5b4c86 [SVF] Set volume IOPS based on volume size 10 months ago
Simon Dodsley 79b2a4f461 Add QoS Suport for Pure Storage 1 year ago
Lucio Seki 7d9dc8dec9 NetApp ONTAP: Add support for dynamic Adaptive QoS policy group creation 12 months ago
Lucio Seki fb358e45fe NetApp ONTAP: Add support for QoS minimums specs 11 months ago
Helen Walsh 4489ca3320 PowerMax Driver - Initiator group contents check 10 months ago
Helen Walsh b2f696361a PowerMax Driver - Allowing for all types of boolean in extra specs 1 year ago
odonos12 cb02f9dfea PowerMax Driver - Offline r1 promotion fixes 1 year ago
venkatakrishnathumu 2f5885e4bf [SVF]: Fixed host and group failback issues 10 months ago
Simon Dodsley bb219d6b9f Pure Storage: check volumename length does not exceed maximum 9 months ago
GirishChilukuri 17a25eafc8 [DS8K]: Support revert to snapshot 8 months ago
Simon Dodsley 234f3358c7 [Pure] Add missing FC host personality support 7 months ago
Eric Harney 9f0be99946 Tests: Don't assert notifier not called 7 months ago
venkatakrishnathumu cead51cea8 [Storwize] Provide IOPS based storage offering 1 year ago
Helen Walsh 881f72569a PowerMax Driver - Extend replicated volume 9 months ago
odonos12 281dd75d36 PowerMax Driver - Fix pylint errors in test_common and provision 12 months ago
odonos12 d57a40680e PowerMax Driver - U4P Failover SerialNumber KeyError fix 12 months ago
Simon Dodsley 41101463a8 [Pure] Fix failing consistency group tempest tests 7 months ago
Christophe Drevet-Droguet 7aa5e95d48 [PURE] support IPv6 / add parameter pure_iscsi_cidr_list 8 months ago
Venkata Krishna Thumu 01c9aba1fa [SVF] Update volume replication properties 8 months ago
Lucian Petrut 9b418e76ac smbfs: set VHD UUID using volume UUID 9 months ago
yangheng 11185189ba TOYOU: Abandon the target parameter and Report SAN driver options 8 months ago
Lance Bragstad 0c87d14f55 Make sure we pass context objects directly to policy enforcement 7 months ago