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Zuul 7a312ab1a8
Merge "Infinidat: add storage assisted volume migration"
2 days ago
drivers Merge "Infinidat: add storage assisted volume migration" 2 days ago
flows Merge "Use the json format output of qemu-img info" 4 months ago
targets Merge "LVM-nvmet: Use nvmetcli as library instead of CLI" 2 weeks ago Fix dynamic import of CONF.volume_api_class 7 years ago Merge "pylint: volume/api: Fix E0601 error" 8 months ago Add support for shared "backend_defaults" config 6 years ago Correct help text of target configs 3 months ago db: Remove weird error handling code 5 months ago Remove six of dir cinder/volume/* 2 years ago Send the correct location URI to the Glance v2 API 2 weeks ago [Doc] Handle Sphinx warnings as errors 5 years ago Use modern type annotation format for collections 9 months ago Remove exception.Error class 3 years ago Initiating Cinder Volume Manager with large number of volumes 4 years ago mypy: cinder/volume/ 8 months ago Fix mypy job 6 months ago