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Ade Lee 933a7b7e6c Add fips check jobs
This patch adds two new FIPS enabled jobs to determine if there are any
issues when FIPS is enabled.

Because the FIPS jobs currently run on centos, code is added to the
test setup script to set up the databases correctly.  Also had
to increase the swap space on the nodes; see [0] for an explanation.



Change-Id: Ib85b6ecc6f1b12eb8afa866e56afbfb13aad0cba
2 months ago
config Support os-brick specific lock_path 9 months ago Port to Python 3 4 years ago pylint: run with bash 2 years ago fast8 improvements 4 years ago Stop invoking Python 2 3 years ago mypy: work around mypy bug #13214 11 months ago Add fips check jobs 2 months ago