OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
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# Copyright 2010 United States Government as represented by the
# Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""Cinder base exception handling.
Includes decorator for re-raising Cinder-type exceptions.
SHOULD include dedicated exception logging.
import sys
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
from oslo_versionedobjects import exception as obj_exc
import six
import webob.exc
from webob.util import status_generic_reasons
from webob.util import status_reasons
from cinder.i18n import _
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
exc_log_opts = [
help='Make exception message format errors fatal.'),
class ConvertedException(webob.exc.WSGIHTTPException):
def __init__(self, code=500, title="", explanation=""):
self.code = code
# There is a strict rule about constructing status line for HTTP:
# '...Status-Line, consisting of the protocol version followed by a
# numeric status code and its associated textual phrase, with each
# element separated by SP characters'
# (
# 'code' and 'title' can not be empty because they correspond
# to numeric status code and its associated text
if title:
self.title = title
self.title = status_reasons[self.code]
except KeyError:
generic_code = self.code // 100
self.title = status_generic_reasons[generic_code]
self.explanation = explanation
super(ConvertedException, self).__init__()
class Error(Exception):
class CinderException(Exception):
"""Base Cinder Exception
To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define
a 'message' property. That message will get printf'd
with the keyword arguments provided to the constructor.
message = _("An unknown exception occurred.")
code = 500
headers = {}
safe = False
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
self.kwargs = kwargs
self.kwargs['message'] = message
if 'code' not in self.kwargs:
self.kwargs['code'] = self.code
except AttributeError:
for k, v in self.kwargs.items():
if isinstance(v, Exception):
# NOTE(tommylikehu): If this is a cinder exception it will
# return the msg object, so we won't be preventing
# translations.
self.kwargs[k] = six.text_type(v)
if self._should_format():
message = self.message % kwargs
except Exception:
exc_info = sys.exc_info()
# kwargs doesn't match a variable in the message
# log the issue and the kwargs
LOG.exception('Exception in string format operation')
for name, value in kwargs.items():
LOG.error("%(name)s: %(value)s",
{'name': name, 'value': value})
if CONF.fatal_exception_format_errors:
# at least get the core message out if something happened
message = self.message
elif isinstance(message, Exception):
# NOTE(tommylikehu): If this is a cinder exception it will
# return the msg object, so we won't be preventing
# translations.
message = six.text_type(message)
# NOTE(luisg): We put the actual message in 'msg' so that we can access
# it, because if we try to access the message via 'message' it will be
# overshadowed by the class' message attribute
self.msg = message
super(CinderException, self).__init__(message)
def _should_format(self):
return self.kwargs['message'] is None or '%(message)' in self.message
# NOTE(tommylikehu): self.msg is already an unicode compatible object
# as the __init__ method ensures of it, and we should not be modifying
# it in any way with str(), unicode(), or six.text_type() as we would
# be preventing translations from happening.
def __unicode__(self):
return self.msg
class VolumeBackendAPIException(CinderException):
message = _("Bad or unexpected response from the storage volume "
"backend API: %(data)s")
class VolumeDriverException(CinderException):
message = _("Volume driver reported an error: %(message)s")
class BackupDriverException(CinderException):
message = _("Backup driver reported an error: %(message)s")
class GlanceConnectionFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Connection to glance failed: %(reason)s")
class ProgrammingError(CinderException):
message = _('Programming error in Cinder: %(reason)s')
class NotAuthorized(CinderException):
message = _("Not authorized.")
code = 403
class AdminRequired(NotAuthorized):
message = _("User does not have admin privileges")
class PolicyNotAuthorized(NotAuthorized):
message = _("Policy doesn't allow %(action)s to be performed.")
class ImageNotAuthorized(CinderException):
message = _("Not authorized for image %(image_id)s.")
class DriverNotInitialized(CinderException):
message = _("Volume driver not ready.")
class Invalid(CinderException):
message = _("Unacceptable parameters.")
code = 400
class InvalidSnapshot(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid snapshot: %(reason)s")
class InvalidVolumeAttachMode(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid attaching mode '%(mode)s' for "
"volume %(volume_id)s.")
class VolumeAttached(Invalid):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s is still attached, detach volume first.")
class InvalidResults(Invalid):
message = _("The results are invalid.")
class InvalidInput(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid input received: %(reason)s")
class InvalidAvailabilityZone(Invalid):
message = _("Availability zone '%(az)s' is invalid.")
class InvalidVolumeType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid volume type: %(reason)s")
class InvalidGroupType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid group type: %(reason)s")
class InvalidVolume(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid volume: %(reason)s")
class InvalidContentType(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid content type %(content_type)s.")
class InvalidHost(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid host: %(reason)s")
# Cannot be templated as the error syntax varies.
# msg needs to be constructed when raised.
class InvalidParameterValue(Invalid):
message = "%(err)s"
class InvalidAuthKey(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid auth key: %(reason)s")
class InvalidConfigurationValue(Invalid):
message = _('Value "%(value)s" is not valid for '
'configuration option "%(option)s"')
class ServiceUnavailable(Invalid):
message = _("Service is unavailable at this time.")
class UnavailableDuringUpgrade(Invalid):
message = _('Cannot perform %(action)s during system upgrade.')
class ImageUnacceptable(Invalid):
message = _("Image %(image_id)s is unacceptable: %(reason)s")
class ImageTooBig(Invalid):
message = _("Image %(image_id)s size exceeded available "
"disk space: %(reason)s")
class DeviceUnavailable(Invalid):
message = _("The device in the path %(path)s is unavailable: %(reason)s")
class SnapshotUnavailable(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("The snapshot is unavailable: %(data)s")
class InvalidUUID(Invalid):
message = _("Expected a UUID but received %(uuid)s.")
class InvalidAPIVersionString(Invalid):
message = _("API Version String %(version)s is of invalid format. Must "
"be of format MajorNum.MinorNum.")
class VersionNotFoundForAPIMethod(Invalid):
message = _("API version %(version)s is not supported on this method.")
class InvalidGlobalAPIVersion(Invalid):
message = _("Version %(req_ver)s is not supported by the API. Minimum "
"is %(min_ver)s and maximum is %(max_ver)s.")
class MissingRequired(Invalid):
message = _("Missing required element '%(element)s' in request body.")
class ValidationError(Invalid):
message = "%(detail)s"
class APIException(CinderException):
message = _("Error while requesting %(service)s API.")
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
if 'service' not in kwargs:
kwargs['service'] = 'unknown'
super(APIException, self).__init__(message, **kwargs)
class APITimeout(APIException):
message = _("Timeout while requesting %(service)s API.")
class RPCTimeout(CinderException):
message = _("Timeout while requesting capabilities from backend "
code = 502
class Duplicate(CinderException):
class NotFound(CinderException):
message = _("Resource could not be found.")
code = 404
safe = True
class VolumeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s could not be found.")
class MessageNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Message %(message_id)s could not be found.")
class VolumeAttachmentNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume attachment could not be found with "
"filter: %(filter)s.")
class VolumeMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s has no metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class VolumeAdminMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s has no administration metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class InvalidVolumeMetadata(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid metadata: %(reason)s")
class InvalidVolumeMetadataSize(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid metadata size: %(reason)s")
class SnapshotMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Snapshot %(snapshot_id)s has no metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class VolumeTypeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume type %(volume_type_id)s could not be found.")
class VolumeTypeNotFoundByName(VolumeTypeNotFound):
message = _("Volume type with name %(volume_type_name)s "
"could not be found.")
class VolumeTypeAccessNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume type access not found for %(volume_type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination.")
class VolumeTypeExtraSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume Type %(volume_type_id)s has no extra specs with "
"key %(extra_specs_key)s.")
class VolumeTypeInUse(CinderException):
message = _("Volume Type %(volume_type_id)s deletion is not allowed with "
"volumes present with the type.")
class GroupTypeNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Group type %(group_type_id)s could not be found.")
class GroupTypeNotFoundByName(GroupTypeNotFound):
message = _("Group type with name %(group_type_name)s "
"could not be found.")
class GroupTypeAccessNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Group type access not found for %(group_type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination.")
class GroupTypeSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Group Type %(group_type_id)s has no specs with "
"key %(group_specs_key)s.")
class GroupTypeInUse(CinderException):
message = _("Group Type %(group_type_id)s deletion is not allowed with "
"groups present with the type.")
class SnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Snapshot %(snapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class ServerNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Instance %(uuid)s could not be found.")
class VolumeSnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("No snapshots found for volume %(volume_id)s.")
class VolumeIsBusy(CinderException):
message = _("deleting volume %(volume_name)s that has snapshot")
class SnapshotIsBusy(CinderException):
message = _("deleting snapshot %(snapshot_name)s that has "
"dependent volumes")
class ISCSITargetNotFoundForVolume(NotFound):
message = _("No target id found for volume %(volume_id)s.")
class InvalidImageRef(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid image href %(image_href)s.")
class ImageNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Image %(image_id)s could not be found.")
class ServiceNotFound(NotFound):
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
if not message:
if kwargs.get('host', None):
self.message = _("Service %(service_id)s could not be "
"found on host %(host)s.")
self.message = _("Service %(service_id)s could not be found.")
super(ServiceNotFound, self).__init__(message, **kwargs)
class ServiceTooOld(Invalid):
message = _("Service is too old to fulfil this request.")
class WorkerNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Worker with %s could not be found.")
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
keys_list = ('{0}=%({0})s'.format(key) for key in kwargs)
placeholder = ', '.join(keys_list)
self.message = self.message % placeholder
super(WorkerNotFound, self).__init__(message, **kwargs)
class WorkerExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Worker for %(type)s %(id)s already exists.")
class CleanableInUse(Invalid):
message = _('%(type)s with id %(id)s is already being cleaned up or '
'another host has taken over it.')
class ClusterNotFound(NotFound):
message = _('Cluster %(id)s could not be found.')
class ClusterHasHosts(Invalid):
message = _("Cluster %(id)s still has hosts.")
class ClusterExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Cluster %(name)s already exists.")
class HostNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Host %(host)s could not be found.")
class SchedulerHostFilterNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Scheduler Host Filter %(filter_name)s could not be found.")
class SchedulerHostWeigherNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Scheduler Host Weigher %(weigher_name)s could not be found.")
class InvalidReservationExpiration(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid reservation expiration %(expire)s.")
class InvalidQuotaValue(Invalid):
message = _("Change would make usage less than 0 for the following "
"resources: %(unders)s")
class InvalidNestedQuotaSetup(CinderException):
message = _("Project quotas are not properly setup for nested quotas: "
class QuotaNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Quota could not be found")
class QuotaResourceUnknown(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Unknown quota resources %(unknown)s.")
class ProjectQuotaNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota for project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class QuotaClassNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota class %(class_name)s could not be found.")
class QuotaUsageNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota usage for project %(project_id)s could not be found.")
class ReservationNotFound(QuotaNotFound):
message = _("Quota reservation %(uuid)s could not be found.")
class OverQuota(CinderException):
message = _("Quota exceeded for resources: %(overs)s")
class FileNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("File %(file_path)s could not be found.")
class VolumeTypeExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Volume Type %(id)s already exists.")
class VolumeTypeAccessExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Volume type access for %(volume_type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination already exists.")
class VolumeTypeEncryptionExists(Invalid):
message = _("Volume type encryption for type %(type_id)s already exists.")
class VolumeTypeEncryptionNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume type encryption for type %(type_id)s does not exist.")
class GroupTypeExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Group Type %(id)s already exists.")
class GroupTypeAccessExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Group type access for %(group_type_id)s / "
"%(project_id)s combination already exists.")
class GroupVolumeTypeMappingExists(Duplicate):
message = _("Group volume type mapping for %(group_id)s / "
"%(volume_type_id)s combination already exists.")
class GroupTypeEncryptionExists(Invalid):
message = _("Group type encryption for type %(type_id)s already exists.")
class GroupTypeEncryptionNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Group type encryption for type %(type_id)s does not exist.")
class MalformedRequestBody(CinderException):
message = _("Malformed message body: %(reason)s")
class ConfigNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find config at %(path)s")
class ParameterNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Could not find parameter %(param)s")
class NoValidBackend(CinderException):
message = _("No valid backend was found. %(reason)s")
class NoMoreTargets(CinderException):
"""No more available targets."""
class QuotaError(CinderException):
message = _("Quota exceeded: code=%(code)s")
code = 413
headers = {'Retry-After': '0'}
safe = True
class VolumeSizeExceedsAvailableQuota(QuotaError):
message = _("Requested volume or snapshot exceeds allowed %(name)s "
"quota. Requested %(requested)sG, quota is %(quota)sG and "
"%(consumed)sG has been consumed.")
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault('name', 'gigabytes')
super(VolumeSizeExceedsAvailableQuota, self).__init__(
message, **kwargs)
class VolumeSizeExceedsLimit(QuotaError):
message = _("Requested volume size %(size)dG is larger than "
"maximum allowed limit %(limit)dG.")
class VolumeBackupSizeExceedsAvailableQuota(QuotaError):
message = _("Requested backup exceeds allowed Backup gigabytes "
"quota. Requested %(requested)sG, quota is %(quota)sG and "
"%(consumed)sG has been consumed.")
class VolumeLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of volumes allowed (%(allowed)d) exceeded for "
"quota '%(name)s'.")
def __init__(self, message=None, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault('name', 'volumes')
super(VolumeLimitExceeded, self).__init__(message, **kwargs)
class SnapshotLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of snapshots allowed (%(allowed)d) exceeded")
class UnexpectedOverQuota(QuotaError):
message = _("Unexpected over quota on %(name)s.")
class BackupLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of backups allowed (%(allowed)d) exceeded")
class ImageLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Image quota exceeded")
class DuplicateSfVolumeNames(Duplicate):
message = _("Detected more than one volume with name %(vol_name)s")
class VolumeTypeCreateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Cannot create volume_type with "
"name %(name)s and specs %(extra_specs)s")
class VolumeTypeUpdateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Cannot update volume_type %(id)s")
class GroupTypeCreateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Cannot create group_type with "
"name %(name)s and specs %(group_specs)s")
class GroupTypeUpdateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Cannot update group_type %(id)s")
class GroupLimitExceeded(QuotaError):
message = _("Maximum number of groups allowed (%(allowed)d) exceeded")
class UnknownCmd(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Unknown or unsupported command %(cmd)s")
class MalformedResponse(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Malformed response to command %(cmd)s: %(reason)s")
class FailedCmdWithDump(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Operation failed with status=%(status)s. Full dump: %(data)s")
class InvalidConnectorException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Connector doesn't have required information: %(missing)s")
class GlanceMetadataExists(Invalid):
message = _("Glance metadata cannot be updated, key %(key)s"
" exists for volume id %(volume_id)s")
class GlanceMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Glance metadata for volume/snapshot %(id)s cannot be found.")
class ExportFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to export for volume: %(reason)s")
class RemoveExportException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Failed to remove export for volume %(volume)s: %(reason)s")
class MetadataCreateFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to create metadata for volume: %(reason)s")
class MetadataUpdateFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to update metadata for volume: %(reason)s")
class MetadataCopyFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to copy metadata to volume: %(reason)s")
class InvalidMetadataType(Invalid):
message = _("The type of metadata: %(metadata_type)s for volume/snapshot "
"%(id)s is invalid.")
class ImageCopyFailure(Invalid):
message = _("Failed to copy image to volume: %(reason)s")
class BackupInvalidCephArgs(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Invalid Ceph args provided for backup rbd operation")
class BackupOperationError(Invalid):
message = _("An error has occurred during backup operation")
class BackupMetadataUnsupportedVersion(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Unsupported backup metadata version requested")
class BackupMetadataNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Backup %(backup_id)s has no metadata with "
"key %(metadata_key)s.")
class BackupVerifyUnsupportedDriver(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Unsupported backup verify driver")
class VolumeMetadataBackupExists(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Metadata backup already exists for this volume")
class BackupRBDOperationFailed(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Backup RBD operation failed")
class EncryptedBackupOperationFailed(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Backup operation of an encrypted volume failed.")
class BackupNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Backup %(backup_id)s could not be found.")
class BackupFailedToGetVolumeBackend(NotFound):
message = _("Failed to identify volume backend.")
class InvalidBackup(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid backup: %(reason)s")
class SwiftConnectionFailed(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Connection to swift failed: %(reason)s")
class TransferNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Transfer %(transfer_id)s could not be found.")
class VolumeMigrationFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Volume migration failed: %(reason)s")
class SSHInjectionThreat(CinderException):
message = _("SSH command injection detected: %(command)s")
class QoSSpecsExists(Duplicate):
message = _("QoS Specs %(specs_id)s already exists.")
class QoSSpecsCreateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to create qos_specs: "
"%(name)s with specs %(qos_specs)s.")
class QoSSpecsUpdateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to update qos_specs: "
"%(specs_id)s with specs %(qos_specs)s.")
class QoSSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("No such QoS spec %(specs_id)s.")
class QoSSpecsAssociateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to associate qos_specs: "
"%(specs_id)s with type %(type_id)s.")
class QoSSpecsDisassociateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to disassociate qos_specs: "
"%(specs_id)s with type %(type_id)s.")
class QoSSpecsKeyNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("QoS spec %(specs_id)s has no spec with "
"key %(specs_key)s.")
class InvalidQoSSpecs(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid qos specs: %(reason)s")
class QoSSpecsInUse(CinderException):
message = _("QoS Specs %(specs_id)s is still associated with entities.")
class KeyManagerError(CinderException):
message = _("key manager error: %(reason)s")
class ManageExistingInvalidReference(CinderException):
message = _("Manage existing volume failed due to invalid backend "
"reference %(existing_ref)s: %(reason)s")
class ManageExistingAlreadyManaged(CinderException):
message = _("Unable to manage existing volume. "
"Volume %(volume_ref)s already managed.")
class InvalidReplicationTarget(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid Replication Target: %(reason)s")
class UnableToFailOver(CinderException):
message = _("Unable to failover to replication target: %(reason)s).")
class ReplicationError(CinderException):
message = _("Volume %(volume_id)s replication "
"error: %(reason)s")
class ReplicationGroupError(CinderException):
message = _("Group %(group_id)s replication "
"error: %(reason)s.")
class ReplicationNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Volume replication for %(volume_id)s "
"could not be found.")
class ManageExistingVolumeTypeMismatch(CinderException):
message = _("Manage existing volume failed due to volume type mismatch: "
class ExtendVolumeError(CinderException):
message = _("Error extending volume: %(reason)s")
class EvaluatorParseException(Exception):
message = _("Error during evaluator parsing: %(reason)s")
class LockCreationFailed(CinderException):
message = _('Unable to create lock. Coordination backend not started.')
class LockingFailed(CinderException):
message = _('Lock acquisition failed.')
UnsupportedObjectError = obj_exc.UnsupportedObjectError
OrphanedObjectError = obj_exc.OrphanedObjectError
IncompatibleObjectVersion = obj_exc.IncompatibleObjectVersion
ReadOnlyFieldError = obj_exc.ReadOnlyFieldError
ObjectActionError = obj_exc.ObjectActionError
ObjectFieldInvalid = obj_exc.ObjectFieldInvalid
class CappedVersionUnknown(CinderException):
message = _("Unrecoverable Error: Versioned Objects in DB are capped to "
"unknown version %(version)s. Most likely your environment "
"contains only new services and you're trying to start an "
"older one. Use `cinder-manage service list` to check that "
"and upgrade this service.")
class VolumeGroupNotFound(CinderException):
message = _('Unable to find Volume Group: %(vg_name)s')
class VolumeGroupCreationFailed(CinderException):
message = _('Failed to create Volume Group: %(vg_name)s')
class VolumeNotDeactivated(CinderException):
message = _('Volume %(name)s was not deactivated in time.')
class VolumeDeviceNotFound(CinderException):
message = _('Volume device not found at %(device)s.')
# Driver specific exceptions
# Dell
class DellDriverRetryableException(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("Retryable Dell Exception encountered")
class DellDriverUnknownSpec(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Dell driver failure: %(reason)s")
# Pure Storage
class PureDriverException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Pure Storage Cinder driver failure: %(reason)s")
class PureRetryableException(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("Retryable Pure Storage Exception encountered")
# SolidFire
class SolidFireAPIException(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("Bad response from SolidFire API")
class SolidFireDriverException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("SolidFire Cinder Driver exception")
class SolidFireAPIDataException(SolidFireAPIException):
message = _("Error in SolidFire API response: data=%(data)s")
class SolidFireAccountNotFound(SolidFireDriverException):
message = _("Unable to locate account %(account_name)s on "
"Solidfire device")
class SolidFireRetryableException(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("Retryable SolidFire Exception encountered")
# HP 3Par
class Invalid3PARDomain(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Invalid 3PAR Domain: %(err)s")
# RemoteFS drivers
class RemoteFSException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Unknown RemoteFS exception")
class RemoteFSConcurrentRequest(RemoteFSException):
message = _("A concurrent, possibly contradictory, request "
"has been made.")
class RemoteFSNoSharesMounted(RemoteFSException):
message = _("No mounted shares found")
class RemoteFSNoSuitableShareFound(RemoteFSException):
message = _("There is no share which can host %(volume_size)sG")
class RemoteFSInvalidBackingFile(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("File %(path)s has invalid backing file %(backing_file)s.")
# NFS driver
class NfsException(RemoteFSException):
message = _("Unknown NFS exception")
class NfsNoSharesMounted(RemoteFSNoSharesMounted):
message = _("No mounted NFS shares found")
class NfsNoSuitableShareFound(RemoteFSNoSuitableShareFound):
message = _("There is no share which can host %(volume_size)sG")
# Smbfs driver
class SmbfsException(RemoteFSException):
message = _("Unknown SMBFS exception.")
class SmbfsNoSharesMounted(RemoteFSNoSharesMounted):
message = _("No mounted SMBFS shares found.")
class SmbfsNoSuitableShareFound(RemoteFSNoSuitableShareFound):
message = _("There is no share which can host %(volume_size)sG.")
# Virtuozzo Storage Driver
class VzStorageException(RemoteFSException):
message = _("Unknown Virtuozzo Storage exception")
class VzStorageNoSharesMounted(RemoteFSNoSharesMounted):
message = _("No mounted Virtuozzo Storage shares found")
class VzStorageNoSuitableShareFound(RemoteFSNoSuitableShareFound):
message = _("There is no share which can host %(volume_size)sG")
# Fibre Channel Zone Manager
class ZoneManagerException(CinderException):
message = _("Fibre Channel connection control failure: %(reason)s")
class FCZoneDriverException(CinderException):
message = _("Fibre Channel Zone operation failed: %(reason)s")
class FCSanLookupServiceException(CinderException):
message = _("Fibre Channel SAN Lookup failure: %(reason)s")
class ZoneManagerNotInitialized(CinderException):
message = _("Fibre Channel Zone Manager not initialized")
class BrocadeZoningCliException(CinderException):
message = _("Brocade Fibre Channel Zoning CLI error: %(reason)s")
class BrocadeZoningHttpException(CinderException):
message = _("Brocade Fibre Channel Zoning HTTP error: %(reason)s")
class CiscoZoningCliException(CinderException):
message = _("Cisco Fibre Channel Zoning CLI error: %(reason)s")
class NetAppDriverException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("NetApp Cinder Driver exception.")
class EMCVnxCLICmdError(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("EMC VNX Cinder Driver CLI exception: %(cmd)s "
"(Return Code: %(rc)s) (Output: %(out)s).")
class EMCSPUnavailableException(EMCVnxCLICmdError):
message = _("EMC VNX Cinder Driver SPUnavailableException: %(cmd)s "
"(Return Code: %(rc)s) (Output: %(out)s).")
# ConsistencyGroup
class ConsistencyGroupNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("ConsistencyGroup %(consistencygroup_id)s could not be found.")
class InvalidConsistencyGroup(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid ConsistencyGroup: %(reason)s")
# Group
class GroupNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Group %(group_id)s could not be found.")
class InvalidGroup(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid Group: %(reason)s")
class InvalidGroupStatus(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid Group Status: %(reason)s")
# CgSnapshot
class CgSnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("CgSnapshot %(cgsnapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class InvalidCgSnapshot(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid CgSnapshot: %(reason)s")
# GroupSnapshot
class GroupSnapshotNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("GroupSnapshot %(group_snapshot_id)s could not be found.")
class InvalidGroupSnapshot(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid GroupSnapshot: %(reason)s")
class InvalidGroupSnapshotStatus(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid GroupSnapshot Status: %(reason)s")
# Datera driver
class DateraAPIException(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("Bad response from Datera API")
# Target drivers
class ISCSITargetCreateFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to create iscsi target for volume %(volume_id)s.")
class ISCSITargetRemoveFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to remove iscsi target for volume %(volume_id)s.")
class ISCSITargetAttachFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to attach iSCSI target for volume %(volume_id)s.")
class ISCSITargetDetachFailed(CinderException):
message = _("Failed to detach iSCSI target for volume %(volume_id)s.")
class ISCSITargetHelperCommandFailed(CinderException):
message = "%(error_message)s"
class BadHTTPResponseStatus(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Bad HTTP response status %(status)s")
class BadResetResourceStatus(CinderException):
message = _("Bad reset resource status : %(message)s")
# ZADARA STORAGE VPSA driver exception
class ZadaraServerCreateFailure(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Unable to create server object for initiator %(name)s")
class ZadaraServerNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Unable to find server object for initiator %(name)s")
class ZadaraVPSANoActiveController(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Unable to find any active VPSA controller")
class ZadaraAttachmentsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Failed to retrieve attachments for volume %(name)s")
class ZadaraInvalidAttachmentInfo(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid attachment info for volume %(name)s: %(reason)s")
class ZadaraVolumeNotFound(VolumeDriverException):
message = "%(reason)s"
# ZFSSA NFS driver exception.
class WebDAVClientError(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("The WebDAV request failed. Reason: %(msg)s, "
"Return code/reason: %(code)s, Source Volume: %(src)s, "
"Destination Volume: %(dst)s, Method: %(method)s.")
# XtremIO Drivers
class XtremIOAlreadyMappedError(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Volume to Initiator Group mapping already exists")
class XtremIOArrayBusy(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("System is busy, retry operation.")
class XtremIOSnapshotsLimitExceeded(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Exceeded the limit of snapshots per volume")
# DOTHILL drivers
class DotHillInvalidBackend(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Backend doesn't exist (%(backend)s)")
class DotHillConnectionError(VolumeDriverException):
message = "%(message)s"
class DotHillAuthenticationError(VolumeDriverException):
message = "%(message)s"
class DotHillNotEnoughSpace(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Not enough space on backend (%(backend)s)")
class DotHillRequestError(VolumeDriverException):
message = "%(message)s"
class DotHillNotTargetPortal(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("No active iSCSI portals with supplied iSCSI IPs")
class DotHillDriverNotSupported(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("The Dot Hill driver is no longer supported.")
# Sheepdog
class SheepdogError(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("An error has occurred in SheepdogDriver. "
"(Reason: %(reason)s)")
class SheepdogCmdError(SheepdogError):
message = _("(Command: %(cmd)s) "
"(Return Code: %(exit_code)s) "
"(Stdout: %(stdout)s) "
"(Stderr: %(stderr)s)")
class MetadataAbsent(CinderException):
message = _("There is no metadata in DB object.")
class NotSupportedOperation(Invalid):
message = _("Operation not supported: %(operation)s.")
code = 405
# NexentaStor driver exception
class NexentaException(VolumeDriverException):
message = "%(message)s"
# Google Cloud Storage(GCS) backup driver
class GCSConnectionFailure(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Google Cloud Storage connection failure: %(reason)s")
class GCSApiFailure(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Google Cloud Storage api failure: %(reason)s")
class GCSOAuth2Failure(BackupDriverException):
message = _("Google Cloud Storage oauth2 failure: %(reason)s")
# Kaminario K2
class KaminarioCinderDriverException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("KaminarioCinderDriver failure: %(reason)s")
class KaminarioRetryableException(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Kaminario retryable exception: %(reason)s")
# Synology driver
class SynoAPIHTTPError(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("HTTP exit code: [%(code)s]")
class SynoAuthError(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Synology driver authentication failed: %(reason)s.")
class SynoLUNNotExist(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("LUN not found by UUID: %(uuid)s.")
class AttachmentSpecsNotFound(NotFound):
message = _("Attachment %(attachment_id)s has no "
"key %(specs_key)s.")
class InvalidAttachment(Invalid):
message = _("Invalid attachment: %(reason)s")
# Veritas driver
class UnableToExecuteHyperScaleCmd(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Failed HyperScale command for '%(message)s'")
class UnableToProcessHyperScaleCmdOutput(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Failed processing command output '%(cmd_out)s'"
" for HyperScale command")
class ErrorInFetchingConfiguration(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Error in fetching configuration for '%(persona)s'")
class ErrorInSendingMsg(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Error in sending message '%(cmd_error)s'")
class ErrorInHyperScaleVersion(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Error in getting HyperScale version '%(cmd_error)s'")
class ErrorInParsingArguments(VolumeDriverException):
message = _("Error in parsing message arguments : Invalid Payload")
# GPFS driver
class GPFSDriverUnsupportedOperation(VolumeBackendAPIException):
message = _("GPFS driver unsupported operation: %(msg)s")
class InvalidName(Invalid):
message = _("An invalid 'name' value was provided. %(reason)s")
class ServiceUserTokenNoAuth(CinderException):
message = _("The [service_user] send_service_user_token option was "
"requested, but no service auth could be loaded. Please check "
"the [service_user] configuration section.")