OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
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nirajsingh 0787710c24 Add service_token for cinder-nova interaction 4 years ago
3par-create-cg-from-source-cg-5634dcf9feb813f6.yaml 3PAR: Create consistency group from source CG 6 years ago
3par-create-fc-vlun-match-set-type-babcf2cbce1ce317.yaml Implement match-set type 3PAR FC VLUN creation 5 years ago
3par-get-capability-de60c9bc7ae51c14.yaml HPE 3PAR: Adding driver capability 4 years ago
3par-license-check-51a16b5247675760.yaml Disable capabilities based on 3PAR licenses 6 years ago
3par-manage-unmanage-snapshot-eb4e504e8782ba43.yaml 3PAR: Implement un/manage snapshot support 6 years ago
1220b8a67602b8e7-update_rootwrap_volume_filters.yaml Add LC_ALL=C to lvcreate, lvextend and pvresize 6 years ago
Dell-SC-Driver-to-dell_emc-folder-e5d6fb1f1cf84149.yaml Dell EMC: Moved SC driver under dell_emc 5 years ago
Dell-SC-New-Extra-Specs-1de0d3f1ebc62881.yaml Dell SC: Missing volume creation options. 5 years ago
Dell-SC-Retype-Limitations-74f4b5f6a94ffe4f.yaml Dell SC: Retype fixes 5 years ago
Dell-SC-ServerOS-Config-Option-bd0e018319758e03.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
Dell-SC-live-volume-41bacddee199ce83.yaml Dell SC: Use Live Volume for replication 5 years ago
Dell-SC-replication-failover_host-failback-a9e9cbbd6a1be6c3.yaml Dell SC: Added support for failover_host failback 5 years ago
Dell-SC-thaw_backend-b9362d381fabd4c9.yaml Dell SC: Reject thaw call when backend is failed over 5 years ago
Dell-SC-v2.1-replication-ef6b1d6a4e2795a0.yaml Dell SC: Support Replication V2.1 6 years ago
Enable-HPE-3PAR-Compression-Feature-90e4de4b64a74a46.yaml Changing releasenotes file present in review change 409128. 5 years ago
HPE-3par-Generic-Volume-Group-e048002e1c3469a3.yaml HPE 3PAR: Adds CG capability in generic volume groups(GVG). 5 years ago
Huawei-volume-driver-replication-v2.1-ada5bc3ad62dc633.yaml Huawei: Implement v2.1 replication 6 years ago
Lefthand-generic-volume-group-570d07b4786b93c2.yaml HPE Lefthand: add CG capability to generic groups 5 years ago
NetApp-ONTAP-full-cg-support-cfdc91bf0acf9fe1.yaml NetApp: Implement CGs for ONTAP Drivers 6 years ago
SolidFire-generic-volume-group-1b1e55661cd83a43.yaml SolidFire Generic Groups Support 4 years ago
VMEM-6000-drivers-removed-9b6675ff7ae5f960.yaml Removes the Violin 6000 FC and iSCSI drivers 6 years ago
ZadaraStorage-13a5fff6f4fa1710.yaml Add backend driver for Zadara Storage VPSA 5 years ago
a7401ead26a7c83b-keystone-url.yaml Use proper config option to connect to keystone 6 years ago
add-availability_zone-filter-for-snapshot-8e1494212276abde.yaml Support az filter for snapshot 4 years ago
add-backup-project-attribute-3f57051ef9159b08.yaml Backup project attribute support 5 years ago
add-cg-capability-to-groups-2eb3e71682a88600.yaml Add a release note for groups 5 years ago
add-coho-driver-b4472bff3f64aa41.yaml Volume driver for Coho Data storage solutions 6 years ago
add-connection-info-to-attachment-84d4dg45uh41db15.yaml Add 'connection_info' to attachment object 5 years ago
add-count-info-in-list-api-e43wac44yu750c23.yaml Support count info in List&Detail APIs 4 years ago
add-datacore-volume-driver-3775797b0515f538.yaml Adds DataCore Volume Drivers 4 years ago
add-del-volumeTypeAccess-b1c8cb14a9d14db3.yaml Updated "deleted" column of volume_type_access 6 years ago
add-filter-to-group-snapshots-74sd8g138a289dh4.yaml Add filter, sorter and pagination for group snapshot 5 years ago
add-filters-support-to-get_pools-0852e9c0e42fbf98.yaml Add filters support to get_pools 5 years ago
add-google-backup-driver-d1e7ac33d5780b79.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
add-io-ports-option-c751d1bd395dd614.yaml Unity: Add support to set IO ports in option 5 years ago
add-like-filter-support-7d4r78d6de3984dv.yaml Support 'LIKE' operator to filter resource 4 years ago
add-periodic-task-to-clean-expired-messages-84f47gxc88hda035.yaml Fix typo 5 years ago
add-reset-group-snapshot-status-sd21a31cde5fa035.yaml [2/4]Reset group snapshot status 5 years ago
add-reset-group-status-sd21a31cde5fa034.yaml [1/4]Reset generic volume group status 5 years ago
add-resource-filters-api-8g3dub1700qaye98.yaml Add 'resource_filters' API to support generalized filtering 5 years ago
add-revert-to-snapshot-support-2d21a3dv4f5fa087.yaml Cinder volume revert to snapshot 4 years ago
add-stochastic-scheduling-option-99e10eae023fbcca.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
add-suppress-lvm-fd-warnings-option.402bebc03b0a9f00.yaml Provide cfg to ignore lvm descriptor leak warnings 5 years ago
add-tegile-driver-b7919c5f30911998.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
add-vmax-replication-490202c15503ae03.yaml VMAX driver - Implement volume replication for VMAX 5 years ago
add-volume-type-filter-to_get-pools-c791132540921398.yaml Add volume type filter to API Get-Pools 4 years ago
add-volume-upload-image-options-3a61a31c544fa034.yaml Added more options while uploading volume as image 6 years ago
add_ceph_custom_keyring_path-43a3b8c21a1ab3c4.yaml Add custom keyring when initializing RBD connection 4 years ago
add_manage_unmanage_itri_disco_driver-1c9ee31cc86b6eda.yaml Add manage/unmanage to DISCO driver 5 years ago
allow-admin-quota-operations-c1c2236711224023.yaml Allow admin project to operate on all quotas 5 years ago
allow-huawei-driver-lun-copy-speed-configurable-361a480e7b7e361d.yaml Huawei driver supports specifying copy speed 5 years ago
allow-remove-name-and-description-for-consisgroup-408257a0a18bd530.yaml Allow setting CG name or description to empty value 5 years ago
apply-limits-to-qemu-img-29f722a1bf4b91f8.yaml Limit memory & CPU when running qemu-img info 5 years ago
backend-options-ed19e6c63b2b9090.yaml Move driver options to "backend_defaults" section 4 years ago
backup-ceph-driver-journaling-exculsive-lock-features-6b6044138a288a83.yaml ceph backup support for EXCLUSIVE_LOCK and JOURNALING features 5 years ago
backup-driver-configuration-36357733962dab03.yaml Add ability to specify backup driver via class name 4 years ago
backup-snapshot-6e7447db930c31f6.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
backup-snapshots-2f547c8788bc11e1.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
backup-update-d0b0db6a7b1c2a5b.yaml Add backup update function (microversion) 5 years ago
backup_driver_init_state-d4834fa927e502ab.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
balanced-fc-port-selection-fbf6b841fea99156.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
bdd-pools-stats-afb4398daa9248de.yaml Block Device Driver: report pools in volume stats 5 years ago
bp-datera-cinder-driver-update-2.1-5c6455b45563adc5.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
bp-inspur-instorage-driver-40371862c9559238.yaml Inspur Cinder iSCSI driver 4 years ago
bp-open-src-ibm-storage-driver-d17808e52aa4eacb.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
bp-remove-netapp-7mode-drivers-c38398e54662f2d4.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Remove support for 7mode systems 4 years ago
bp-vmware-fcd-fbe19ee577d2e9e4.yaml VMware: Backend driver for VStorageObject 4 years ago
brcd_lookupservice_http_support-f6485b38a1feaa15.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
brocade_http_connector-0021e41dfa56e671.yaml Adds HTTPS southbound connector for Brocade FC Zone Driver 6 years ago
brocade_virtual_fabrics_support-d2d0b95b19457c1d.yaml Adds support for configuring zoning in a virtual fabric 6 years ago
bug-1518213-a5bf2ea0d008f329.yaml Add Auth Version 3 support in Swift Backup Driver 5 years ago
bug-1560867-support-nova-specific-image-7yt6fd1173c4e3wd.yaml Support create a volume from image snapshot 4 years ago
bug-1570845-efdb0206718f4ca4.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
bug-1587376-fix-manage-resource-quota-issue-78f59f39b9fa4762.yaml Handle quota in 2 phases when managing resource 4 years ago
bug-1612763-report-multiattach-enabled-NetApp-backends-0fbf2cb621e4747d.yaml NetApp: Report multiattach as enabled 5 years ago
bug-1614095-add-user_id-to-snapshot_show-4884fab825983c3a.yaml Show user_id when cinder snapshot-show 4 years ago
bug-1615451-NetApp-cDOT-fix-reporting-replication-capability-dca29f39b9fa7651.yaml NetApp cDOT: Fix reporting of replication capabilities 5 years ago
bug-1622057-netapp-cdot-fix-replication-status-cheesecake-volumes-804dc8b0b1380e6b.yaml NetApp cDOT: Fix model update for cheesecake volumes 5 years ago
bug-1634203-netapp-cdot-fix-clone-from-nfs-image-cache-2218fb402783bc20.yaml NetApp cDOT driver fails to clone from NFS cache 5 years ago
bug-1660927-netapp-no-copyoffload-77fc3cf4f2cf2335.yaml NetApp cDOT: Add check if copyoffload tool is available 5 years ago
bug-1667071-dc6407f40a1f7d15.yaml Disallow modification of in use Volume Types 5 years ago
bug-1670260-fix-boolean-is_public-d16e1957c0f09d65.yaml Fix 500 error if boolean is_public is passed as string 5 years ago
bug-1671220-4d521be71d0b8aa4.yaml Consistency groups API is not returning project_id filter groups. 5 years ago
bug-1691771-fix-netapp-manage-volumes-62bec192a08b3ceb.yaml NetApp cDot: Fix manage volumes 4 years ago
bug-1693084-fix-az-cache-invalid-6td4q74q28uxcd68.yaml Pike release note cleanup 4 years ago
bug-1699936-fix-host-show-incorrect-fg8698gu7y6r7d15.yaml Fix resource count for os-host show 4 years ago
bug-1705375-prohibit-group-deletion-if-groupsnapshot-exists.yaml Do not delete group if group snapshot exists 4 years ago
bug-1706888-update-backend-when-extending-3e4a9831a0w29d68.yaml Update backend state when extending volume 4 years ago
bug-1714209-netapp-ontap-drivers-oversubscription-issue-c4655b9c4858d7c6.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Fix reporting of provisioned_capacity_gb 4 years ago
bug-1718739-netapp-eseries-fix-provisioned-capacity-report-8c51fd1173c15dbf.yaml NetApp E-series: Fix provisioned_capacity_gb 4 years ago
bug-1723226-allow-purging-0day-4de8979db7215cf3.yaml Allow purging of records less than 1 day old 4 years ago
bug-1730933-1bb0272e3c51eed3.yaml Added mount fstype based validation of Quobyte mounts 4 years ago
capacity-headroom-4b07701f1df9e5c4.yaml Calculate virtual free capacity and notify 5 years ago
castellan-backend-0c49591a54821c45.yaml Switch to use key_manager.backend 4 years ago
cg-scheduler-change-180a36b77e8cc26b.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
cg_api_volume_type-7db1856776e707c7.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
check-displayname-displaydescription-123sd5gef91acb12.yaml Validate display_name/description attributes in API layer 5 years ago
check-snapshots-when-cascade-deleting-transferred-volume-575ef0b76bd7f334.yaml Remove extra space in release note. 4 years ago
cinder-api-microversions-d2082a095c322ce6.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
cinder-api-middleware-remove-deprecated-option-98912ab7e8b472e8.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
cinder-coprhd-driver-11ebd149ea8610fd.yaml Implementation for CoprHD Cinder Drivers 5 years ago
cinder-manage-db-online-schema-migrations-d1c0d40f26d0f033.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
cloudbyte-retype-support-4b9f79f351465279.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
cluster_job_distribution-f916dd2e4cce6c1b.yaml Support A/A in delete actions and get_capabilities 5 years ago
consistency_group_manage-d30a2ad8917a7a86.yaml Added update-host for CGs in cinder-manage 5 years ago
coprhd-generic-volume-group-a1d41d439f94ae19.yaml Added CG capability to volume group in CoprHD 4 years ago
create-update-rules-b46cf9c07c5a3966.yaml Separate create and update rules for volume metadata 5 years ago
create_volume_from_encrypted_image-9666e1ed7b4eab5f.yaml Add rel note for create volume from enc. image 4 years ago
datera-2.2-driver-update-28b97aa2aaf333b6.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
datera-2.3-driver-update-12d0221fd4bb9fb0.yaml Datera 2.3 driver update 5 years ago
datera-2.4.0-driver-update-164bbc77e6b45eb7.yaml Datera 2.4.0 driver update 4 years ago
datera-driver-v2-update-930468e8259c8e86.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
db-schema-from-kilo-e6e952744531caa2.yaml Compact Kilo database migrations 5 years ago
db-schema-from-liberty-f5fa57d67441dece.yaml Compact Liberty database migrations 5 years ago
db-schema-from-mitaka-168ac06161e9ca0d.yaml Compact Mitaka database migrations 5 years ago
db-schema-from-newton-79b18439bd15e4c4.yaml Compact Newton database migrations 4 years ago
default-apiv1-disabled-9f6bb0c67b38e670.yaml Disable API v1 by default 5 years ago
del_volume_with_fc-f024b9f2d6eaca0f.yaml Check flashcopy mapping before deleting volume 5 years ago
delete-volume-metadata-keys-3e19694401e13d00.yaml Cleanup Newton release notes 5 years ago
delete-volume-with-snapshots-0b104e212d5d36b1.yaml Add release note for delete volume with snaps 6 years ago
delete_parameters-6f44fece22a7787d.yaml Cascade + force volume delete parameters 5 years ago
dell-emc-sc-support-generic-groups-98c7452d705b36f9.yaml Dell EMC SC: Support generic groups 5 years ago
dell-emc-unity-driver-72cb901467b23b22.yaml Adds Unity Cinder Driver 5 years ago
deprecate-api-v2-9f4543ab2e14b018.yaml Deprecate API v2 5 years ago
deprecate-backends-in-default-b9784a2333fe22f2.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
deprecate-backup-service-to-driver-mapping-a3afabd4f55eca01.yaml Deprecate service-to-driver mapping for backups 4 years ago
deprecate-block-device-driver-d30232547a31fe1e.yaml Deprecate the block_device driver 5 years ago
deprecate-cinder-linux-smb-driver-4aec58f15a963c54.yaml Deprecate the Linux SMBFS driver 5 years ago
deprecate-xml-api-bf3e4079f1dc5eae.yaml Move deprecation release notes to correct section 6 years ago
deprecate_logs_commands-a0d59cb7535a2138.yaml Deprecate cinder-manage logs commands 4 years ago
deprecate_osapi_volume_base_url-b6984886a902a562.yaml Deprecate osapi_volume_base_url duplicate option 5 years ago
deprecated-ibm-multipath-f06c0e907a6301de.yaml Move deprecation release notes to correct section 6 years ago
deprecated-nas-ip-fd86a734c92f6fae.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
discard-config-option-711a7fbf20685834.yaml Add config option to enable reporting discard 6 years ago
disco-cinder-driver-9dac5fb04511de1f.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
disco-options-94fe9eaad5e397a5.yaml Remove usage of CONF from DISCO driver 4 years ago
dothill-drivers-removed-da00a6b83865271a.yaml Remove dothill driver 4 years ago
downstream_genconfig-e50791497ce87ce3.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
drbd-resource-options-88599c0a8fc5b8a3.yaml DRBD: Disk-options for new resources 5 years ago
ds8k-replication-group-3f2e8cd3c2e291a3.yaml DS8K: add replication consistency group support 4 years ago
ds8k_async_clone_volume-25232c55da921202.yaml DS8K: support clone volume asynchronously 4 years ago
ds8k_specify_pool_lss-5329489c263951ba.yaml DS8K driver: specify pool and lss in extra-specs 4 years ago
enforce_min_vmware-a080055111b04692.yaml VMware: Fix release notes 6 years ago
eqlx-volume-manage-unmanage-a24ec7f0d9989df3.yaml Volume manage/unmanage support for Eqlx driver 5 years ago
falconstor-cinder-driver-dcb61441cd7601c5.yaml FalconStor: New Cinder driver in Newton 5 years ago
falconstor-extend-driver-to-utilize-multiple-fss-pools-dc6f2bc84432a672.yaml Extend Falconstor driver to utilize multiple FSS storage pools 4 years ago
fix-extend-volume-in-thin-pools-57a3d53be4d47704.yaml Adds release note for 'Route extend_volume' bugfix 5 years ago
fix-hnas-clone-with-different-volume-type-b969897cba2610cc.yaml HNAS: Cloned volume with different volume type 5 years ago
fix-hnas-stats-reporting-1335e582e46ff440.yaml Cleanup Newton release notes 5 years ago
friendly-zone-names-d5e131d356040de0.yaml Adds friendly zone name support 6 years ago
fujitsu-eternus-dx-fc-741319960195215c.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
fujitsu-eternus-dx-iscsi-e796beffb740db89.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
fusionstorage-cinder-driver-8f3bca98f6e2065a.yaml Add cinder backend driver for Huawei FusionStorage 5 years ago
general-upgrades-notes-120f022aa5bfa1ea.yaml Adding general notes about rolling upgrades 6 years ago
generalized-resource-filter-hg598uyvuh119008.yaml Add support for generalized filtering on list APIs 5 years ago
generic-group-quota-manage-support-559629ad07a406f4.yaml Add Generic Volume Group Into Quota Management 4 years ago
generic-groups-in-gpfs-00bb093945a02642.yaml Add CG capability to generic groups in GPFS driver 4 years ago
generic-groups-in-vnx-cbbe1346e889b5c2.yaml Add CG capability to generic groups in VNX driver 5 years ago
generic-volume-groups-69f998ce44f42737.yaml Add generic volume groups 5 years ago
glance-v1-removed-5121af3bef285324.yaml Remove Glance v1 API support 4 years ago
glance_v2_upload-939c5693bcc25483.yaml Fix volume upload failure with glance_api_version=2 6 years ago
group-snapshots-36264409bbb8850c.yaml Add group snapshots - APIs 5 years ago
group-type-group-specs-531e33ee0ae9f822.yaml Add group type and group specs 5 years ago
group-update-d423eaa18dbcecc1.yaml Use conditional update for group update and delete 4 years ago
hbsd-driver-deletion-d81f7c4513f45d7b.yaml Deprecate Hitachi Block Storage Driver 5 years ago
hitachi-unsupported-drivers-37601e5bfabcdb8f.yaml Hitachi: Mark HBSD and VSP as unsupported 5 years ago
hitachi-vsp-driver-87659bb496bb459b.yaml Introduce Hitachi VSP driver 5 years ago
hitachi-vsp-iscsi-driver-cac31d7c54d7718d.yaml Introduce Hitachi VSP iSCSI driver 5 years ago
hitachi-vsp-ports-option-7147289e6529d7fe.yaml Hitachi VSP: Specify compute nodes and copy ports 5 years ago
hnas-change-snapshot-names-8153b043eb7e99fc.yaml HNAS: Change snapshot names 5 years ago
hnas-deprecate-iscsi-driver-cd521b3a2ba948f3.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
hnas-deprecate-nfs-driver-0d114bbe141b5d90.yaml HNAS: Mark NFS driver as unsupported 5 years ago
hnas-deprecated-svc-volume-type-77768f27946aadf4.yaml HNAS: Rename hnas_svcX_volume_type 5 years ago
hnas-drivers-refactoring-9dbe297ffecced21.yaml HNAS drivers refactoring 5 years ago
hnas-list-manageable-9329866618fa9a9c.yaml HNAS: Add list manageable volume/snapshots 5 years ago
hnas-manage-unmanage-snapshot-support-40c8888cc594a7be.yaml HNAS: Add support for manage/unmanage snapshots in NFS driver 5 years ago
hnas-remove-iscsi-driver-419e9c08133f9f0a.yaml Remove HNAS iSCSI driver 5 years ago
hnas_deprecate_xml-16840b5a8c25d15e.yaml HNAS: Deprecating XML config file 5 years ago
huawei-backend-capabilities-report-optimization-d1c18d9f62ef71aa.yaml Huawei: Backend capabilies report optimization 5 years ago
huawei-generic-group-bc3fb7236efc58e7.yaml Add CG capability to generic groups in Huawei driver 5 years ago
huawei-iscsi-multipath-support-a056201883909287.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
huawei-manage-unmanage-snapshot-e35ff844d72fedfb.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
huawei-pool-disktype-support-7c1f64639b42a48a.yaml Huawei: Support reporting disk type of pool 5 years ago
huawei-support-iscsi-configuration-in-replication-7ec53737b95ffa54.yaml Huawei: Support iSCSI configuration in replication feature 5 years ago
huawei-support-manage-volume-2a746cd05621423d.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
hybrid-aggregates-in-netapp-cdot-drivers-f6afa9884cac4e86.yaml NetApp: Report hybrid aggregates in volume stats 5 years ago
ibm-flashsystem-manage-unmanage-88e56837102f838c.yaml Volume Manage/Unmanage Support for IBM FlashSystem 5 years ago
ibm-storwzie-mirror-volume-ffe4c9bde78cdf1d.yaml Storwize: add mirrored volume support 4 years ago
ibmsvciogrpselection-e607739b6f655a27.yaml Move the releasenote to the right folder 5 years ago
image-volume-type-c91b7cff3cb41c13.yaml Support cinder_img_volume_type in image metadata 6 years ago
improvement-to-get-group-detail-0e8b68114e79a8a2.yaml Improvement to get group detail(Part 2) 5 years ago
improvement-to-query-consistency-group-detail-84a906d45383e067.yaml Improvement to query cg detail(Part 1) 5 years ago
infinidat-add-infinibox-driver-67cc33fc3fbff1bb.yaml New cinder driver to support INFINIDAT InfiniBox 5 years ago
infinidat-compression-a828904aaba90da2.yaml INFINIDAT: support for volume compression 4 years ago
infinidat-group-support-44cd0715de1ea502.yaml INFINIDAT: add support for generic volume groups 4 years ago
infinidat-infinisdk-04f0edc0d0a597e3.yaml INFINIDAT: Use infinisdk for communication with storage array 5 years ago
infinidat-iscsi-support-78e0d34d9e7e08c4.yaml INFINIDAT: add support for iSCSI 4 years ago
infinidat-max-osr-2d9fd2d0f9424657.yaml INFINIDAT: add support for overprovisioning 4 years ago
infinidat-qos-50d743591543db98.yaml INFINIDAT: Add QoS support 4 years ago
k2-disable-discovery-bca0d65b5672ec7b.yaml Kaminario K2: Add non discovery iSCSI multipath 4 years ago
k2-non-unique-fqdns-b62a269a26fd53d5.yaml Kaminario K2: Support duplicated FQDN in network 4 years ago
kaminario-cinder-driver-bug-1646692-7aad3b7496689aa7.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
kaminario-cinder-driver-bug-1646766-fe810f5801d24f2f.yaml Do not manage VG with > 1 volume in Kaminario driver 5 years ago
kaminario-cinder-driver-remove-deprecate-option-831920f4d25e2979.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
kaminario-fc-cinder-driver-8266641036281a44.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
kaminario-iscsi-cinder-driver-c34fadf63cd253de.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
lefthand-consistency-groups-d73f8e418884fcc6.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
lefthand-manage-unmanage-snapshot-04de39d268d51169.yaml LeftHand: Implement un/manage snapshot support 6 years ago
list-manageable-86c77fc39c5b2cc9.yaml List manageable volumes and snapshots 5 years ago
live_migration_v3-ae98c0d00e64c954.yaml Cleanup Newton release notes 5 years ago
lvm-thin-overprovision-1d279f66ee2252ff.yaml Stop overriding LVM overprovisioning ratio and deprecate 4 years ago
lvm-type-default-to-auto-a2ad554fc8bb25f2.yaml Set default lvm_type to auto 4 years ago
manage-resources-v3-c06096f75927fd3b.yaml Map volume/snapshot manage extensions to v3 5 years ago
mark-blockbridge-unsupported-c9e55df0eb2e3c9f.yaml Mark Blockbridge volume driver as unsupported 5 years ago
mark-cisco-zm-unsupported-57e5612f57e2407b.yaml Mark Cisco FC ZM driver as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-cloudbyte-unsupported-8615a127439ed262.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
mark-coho-unsupported-989db9d88ed7fff8.yaml Mark Coho driver as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-dothill-unsupported-7f95115b7b24e53c.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
mark-falconstor-unsupported-3b065556a4cd94de.yaml Mark Falconstor drivers as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-hpe-xp-unsupported-c9ce6cfbab622e46.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
mark-infortrend-deprecated-553de89f8dd58aa8.yaml Mark Infortrend drivers as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-nexentaedge-unsupported-56d184fdccc6eaac.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
mark-nimble-deprecated-9f7d1c178b48fa39.yaml Mark Nimble driver as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-qnap-unsupported-79bd8ece9a2bfcd2.yaml Mark QNAP volume driver as unsupported 5 years ago
mark-reduxio-deprecated-b435032a8fdb16f2.yaml Mark Reduxio driver as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-scality-unsupported-530370e034a6f488.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
mark-synology-deprecated-134ba9764e14af67.yaml Mark Synology driver as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-tegile-deprecated-1effb23010ea997c.yaml Mark Tegile driver as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-violin-unsupported-fdf6b34cf9847359.yaml Mark the Violin volume drivers as unsupported 5 years ago
mark-xio-deprecated-18c914e15695d793.yaml Mark X-IO driver as unsupported 4 years ago
mark-zte-unsupported-3c048e419264eca2.yaml Mark ZTE driver as unsupported 4 years ago
metadata-for-volume-summary-729ba648db4e4e54.yaml Return metadata in volume summary 4 years ago
migrate-cg-to-generic-volume-groups-f82ad3658f3e567c.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
migrate-fixed-key-to-barbican-91dfcb829efd4bb6.yaml Migrate fixed_key encryption keys to Barbican 4 years ago
move-eqlx-driver-to-dell-emc-fe5d2b484c47b7a6.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
move-scaleio-driver-to-dell-emc-dir-c195374ca6b7e98d.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
move-xtremio-driver-to-dell-emc-dir-f7e07a502cafd78f.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
nec-nondisruptive-backup-471284d07cd806ce.yaml NEC driver: Optimal path for non-disruptive backup 4 years ago
nec_storage_volume_driver-57663f9ecce1ae19.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
netapp-add-generic-group-support-cdot-9bebd13356694e13.yaml NetApp cDOT: Support generic groups for file 4 years ago
netapp-cDOT-whole-backend-replication-support-59d7537fe3d0eb05.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
netapp-chap-iscsi-auth-264cd942b2a76094.yaml NetApp: Support iSCSI CHAP Uni-directional Auth 6 years ago
netapp-data-ontap-deprecate-7mode-drivers-a39bfcb3afefc9a5.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Deprecate 7-mode driver 5 years ago
netapp-eseries-consistency-groups-4f6b2af2d20c94e9.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
netapp-nfs-consistency-group-support-83eccc2da91ee19b.yaml NetApp: Add Consistency Group Support for NFS 5 years ago
netapp_cdot_report_shared_blocks_exhaustion-073a73e05daf09d4.yaml NetApp: Report shared blocks exhaustion 5 years ago
new-nova-config-section-2a7a51a0572e7064.yaml Pike release note cleanup 4 years ago
new-osprofiler-call-0bb1a305c8e8f9cc.yaml Support new osprofiler API 5 years ago
nexenta-edge-iscsi-b3f12c7a719e8b8c.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
nexenta-ns5-5d223f3b60f58aad.yaml NexentaStor5: Added extend method to NFS driver 5 years ago
nexentaedge-iscsi-ee5d6c05d65f97af.yaml Nexenta: Added HA support and enhance get_volume_stats() 5 years ago
nexentaedge-nbd-eb48268723141f12.yaml Nexenta: Add NBD driver for NexentaEdge. 5 years ago
nexentastor5-https-6d58004838cfab30.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
nexentastor5_iscsi-e1d88b07d15c660b.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
nexentastor5_nfs-bcc8848716daea63.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
nfs-snapshots-21b641300341cba1.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
nfs_backup_no_overwrite-be7b545453baf7a3.yaml NFS Backup: Fix overwritting backups 5 years ago
nimble-add-fc-support-0007fdbd647be947.yaml Add Fibre Channel support for Nimble Storage 5 years ago
nimble-add-force-backup-539e1e5c72f84e61.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
nimble-manage-unmanage-1d6d5fc23cbe59a1.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
nimble-qos-specs-8cd006777c66a64e.yaml Add QoS and Dedupe Support for Nimble Storage 5 years ago
nimble-rest-api-support-75c2324ee462d026.yaml Add Rest API Support for Nimble Storage 5 years ago
operate-migrated-groups-with-cp-apis-e5835c6673191805.yaml CG API changes for migrating CGs 5 years ago
os-brick-lock-dir-35bdd8ec0c0ef46d.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
per-backend-az-28727aca360a1cc8.yaml Add per-backend availability zones 5 years ago
period-task-clean-reservation-0e0617a7905df923.yaml Periodic task to clean expired reservation 4 years ago
permit_volume_type_operations-b2e130fd7088f335.yaml Permit volume type operations for policy authorized users 6 years ago
policy-in-code-226f71562ab28195.yaml Add cg policies and clean up old policy handling 4 years ago
prophetstor-generic-groups-c7136c32b2f75c0a.yaml ProphetStor: Support generic group 4 years ago
ps-duplicate-ACL-5aa447c50f2474e7.yaml Dell EMC PS: Fix Duplicate ACL records Issue 4 years ago
ps-extend_volume-no-snap-8aa447c50f2475a7.yaml Dell EMC PS: Fix extend volume creating unmanaged snapsots 4 years ago
ps-optimize-parsing-8aa447c50f2474c7.yaml Dell EMC PS: Optimize parsing of capacity info from backend 4 years ago
ps-over-subscription-ratio-cal-8aa447c50f2474a8.yaml Dell EMC PS: Fix over-subscription ratio stats 4 years ago
ps-report-total-volumes-8aa447c50f2474a7.yaml Dell EMC PS: Report total volumes on the backend 4 years ago
pure-custom-user-agent-dcca4cb44b69e763.yaml Specify a user-agent in Pure volume drivers 6 years ago
pure-default-replica-interval-07de0a56f61c7c1e.yaml Change pure drivers default replication interval 4 years ago
pure-enhanced-stats-42a684fe4546d1b1.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
pure-eradicate-on-delete-1e15e1440d5cd4d6.yaml Change a typo error in the releasenote 5 years ago
pure-fc-wwpn-case-c1d97f3fa7663acf.yaml Ignore case when comparing wwns in Pure FC driver 5 years ago
pure-generic-volume-groups-2b0941103f7c01cb.yaml Switch to using generic groups with Pure driver 5 years ago
pure-list-mangeable-fed4a1b23212f545.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
pure-v2.1-replication-0246223caaa8a9b5.yaml Fixup release notes for v2 -> v2.1 replication impls 6 years ago
pure-verify-https-requests-464320c97ba77a1f.yaml Allow for Pure drivers to verify HTTPS requests 6 years ago
qb-backup-5b1f2161d160648a.yaml Adds a bugfix release note regarding backing up with the Quobytedriver 5 years ago
qnap-enhance-support-4ab5cbb110b3303b.yaml Add support for enhanced features to the QNAP Cinder driver 4 years ago
qnap-support-qes-200-2a3dda49afe14103.yaml QNAP: Add support for QES 2.0.0 4 years ago
queens-driver-removal-72a1a36689b6d890.yaml Remove Tegile volume driver 4 years ago
quota-volume-transfer-abd1f418c6c63db0.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
rbd-driver-assisted-migration-2d29788243060f77.yaml RBD: support driver-assisted volume migration 4 years ago
rbd-stats-report-0c7e803bb0b1aedb.yaml RBD: Fix stats reporting 4 years ago
rbd-support-managing-existing-snapshot-fb871a3ea98dc572.yaml Introduce managing existing snapshot to rbd driver 4 years ago
rbd-thin-provisioning-c98522d6fe7b71ff.yaml RBD Thin Provisioning stats 5 years ago
rbd-v2.1-replication-64a9d0bec5987faf.yaml RBD: Implement v2.1 replication 5 years ago
re-add-nexenta-driver-d3af97e33551a485.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
readd-qnap-driver-e1dc6b0c3fabe30e.yaml Re-add QNAP Cinder volume driver 4 years ago
rebranded-hpe-drivers-caf1dcef1afe37ba.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
rebranded-vnx-driver-2fb7424ddc9c41df.yaml Move VNX driver to dell_emc folder 5 years ago
redundancy-in-volume-url-4282087232e6e6f1.yaml Reverts quobyte_volume_url option back to type StrOpt 5 years ago
reduxio-iscsci-driver-5827c32a0c498949.yaml Added initial backend ISCSI driver for Reduxio 5 years ago
refactor-disco-volume-driver-3ff0145707ec0f3e.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
reject-volume_clear_size-settings-larger-than-1024MiB-30b38811da048948.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
remove-block-device-driver-14f76dca2ee9bd38.yaml Remove unsupported BlockDeviceDriver 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-driver-mappings-b927d8ef9fc3b713.yaml Remove old deprecated driver mappings 5 years ago
remove-deprecated-keymgr-d11a25c620862ed6.yaml Remove deprecated keymgr code 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-nova-opts-b1ec66fe3a9bb3b9.yaml Remove deprecated nova config options 4 years ago
remove-eqlx-deprecated-options-89ba02c41d4da62a.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
remove-hitachi-57d0b37cb9cc7e13.yaml Remove Hitachi volume drivers 4 years ago
remove-hp-cliq-41f47fd61e47d13f.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
remove-ibm-nas-driver-0ed204ed0a2dcf55.yaml Replace http with https for doc links in cinder 4 years ago
remove-mirrorpolicy-parameter-from-huawei-driver-d32257a60d32fd90.yaml Remove mirror policy parameter from Huawei driver 5 years ago
remove-scality-fa209aae9748a1f3.yaml Remove Scality backend driver 5 years ago
remove-single-backend-7bf02e525bbbdd3a.yaml Remove support for single backend config 5 years ago
remove-vol-in-error-from-cg-1ed0fde04ab2b5be.yaml Remove a vol in error state from a CG 6 years ago
remove-volume-clear-shred-bde9f7f9ff430feb.yaml Remove deprecated volume_clear shred option 5 years ago
remove-xml-api-392b41f387e60eb1.yaml Remove XML API 6 years ago
remove_glusterfs_volume_driver-d8fd2cf5f38e754b.yaml Remove GlusterFS volume driver 5 years ago
remove_lvmdriver-9c35f83132cd2ac8.yaml Remove deprecated LVM ISCSI and ISER Drivers 6 years ago
remove_osapi_volume_base_url-33fed24c4ad1b2b6.yaml Remove deprecated osapi_volume_base_URL 4 years ago
remove_service_filter-380e7990bfdbddc8.yaml Remove service filter for service list 4 years ago
remove_storwize_npiv-b704ff2d97207666.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
remove_volume_tmp_dir_option-c83c5341e5a42378.yaml RBD: Remove volume_tmp_dir option 5 years ago
removed-apiv1-616b1b76a15521cf.yaml Remove API v1 4 years ago
removed-isertgtadm-7ccefab5d3e89c59.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
removed-rpc-topic-config-options-21c2b3f0e64f884c.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
removed-scality-7151638fdac3ed9d.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
removing-cinder-all-9f5c3d1eb230f9e6.yaml Removing cinder-all binary 5 years ago
removing-middleware-sizelimit-ba86907acbda83de.yaml Move the releasenote to the right folder 5 years ago
rename-huawei-driver-092025e46b65cd48.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
rename_xiv_ds8k_to_ibm_storage-154eca69c44b3f95.yaml Update xiv_ds8k driver name and description 5 years ago
replication-group-7c6c8a153460ca58.yaml Tiramisu: replication group support 5 years ago
replication-v2.1-3par-b3f780a109f9195c.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
replication-v2.1-lefthand-745b72b64e5944c3.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
replication-v2.1-storwize-2df7bfd8c253090b.yaml Storwize: Update replication to v2.1 6 years ago
retype-encrypted-volume-49b66d3e8e65f9a5.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
revert-volume-to-snapshot-6aa0dffb010265e5.yaml 3PAR: Cinder volume revert to snapshot support 4 years ago
rpc-apis-3.0-b745f429c11d8198.yaml Add scheduler RPC API v3.0 5 years ago
rpc_compatibility-375be8ac3158981d.yaml Add SIGHUP handlers to reset RPC version pins 6 years ago
scaleio-backup-via-snapshot-8e75aa3f4570e17c.yaml ScaleIO Driver: Backup volume via snapshot 4 years ago
scaleio-consistency-groups-707f9b4ffcb3c14c.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
scaleio-default-volume-provisioning-c648118fcc8f297f.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
scaleio-deprecate-1.32-32033134fec181bb.yaml ScaleIO 1.32 deprecation notice 5 years ago
scaleio-deprecate-config-1aa300d0c78ac81c.yaml ScaleIo Driver: refactor config options 4 years ago
scaleio-generic-volume-group-ee36e4dba8893422.yaml ScaleIO: Adding CG support to groups 5 years ago
scaleio-get-manageable-volumes-dda1e7b8e22be59e.yaml ScaleIO Driver: get manageable volumes 4 years ago
scaleio-manage-existing-32217f6d1c295193.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
scaleio-manage-existing-snapshot-5bbd1818654c0776.yaml Manage/unmanage snapshot in ScaleIO driver 6 years ago
scaleio-qos-support-2ba20be58150f251.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
scaleio-remove-force-delete-config-48fae029e3622d6d.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
scaleio-scaling-qos-50c58e43d4b54247.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
scaleio-thin-provisioning-support-9c3b9203567771dd.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
scaling-backup-service-7e5058802d2fb3dc.yaml Scalable backup service - Liberty compatibility 6 years ago
service_dynamic_log_change-55147d288be903f1.yaml Add service dynamic log change/query 5 years ago
shared-backend-config-d841b806354ad5be.yaml Add support for shared "backend_defaults" config 4 years ago
show-provider-id-for-admin-ff4fd5a2518a4bfa.yaml Show provider_id for admin 5 years ago
slug-qnap-driver-d4465ea6009c66df.yaml Add QNAP ES Storage Driver 5 years ago
smbfs-drop-alloc-data-file-8b94da952a3b1548.yaml SMBFS: drop JSON file storing allocation data 4 years ago
smbfs-fixed-image-9b642b63fcb79c18.yaml SMBFS: add fixed image support 4 years ago
smbfs-manage-unmanage-f1502781dd5f82cb.yaml SMBFS: manageable volumes 4 years ago
smbfs-pools-support-bc43c653cfb1a34f.yaml SMBFS: report each share as a pool 4 years ago
smbfs-revert-snapshot-5b265ed5ded951dc.yaml SMBFS: Enable reverting snapshots 4 years ago
snapshot_backing_up_status_support-164fbbb2a564e137.yaml Pike release note cleanup 4 years ago
solidfire-scaled-qos-9b8632453909e2db.yaml SolidFire QoS scaled by volume size 5 years ago
solidfire-v2.1-replication-570a1f12f70e67b4.yaml Implement replicate_volume & failover on SolidFire 6 years ago
split-out-nested-quota-driver-e9493f478d2b8be5.yaml Split out NestedQuotas into a separate driver 6 years ago
storwize-backup-snapshot-support-728e18dfa0d42943.yaml Storwize: add backup snapshots support 4 years ago
storwize-cg-replication-b038ff0d39fe909f.yaml Add Storwize replication group support 4 years ago
storwize-generic-volume-group-74495fa23e059bf9.yaml Storwize: add CG capability to generic groups 5 years ago
storwize-gmcv-support-8aceee3f40eddb9f.yaml Add gmcv support in SVC driver 4 years ago
storwize-multiple-management-ip-1cd364d63879d9b8.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
storwize-pool-aware-support-7a40c9934642b202.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
storwize-revert-snapshot-681c76d68676558a.yaml Storwize: revert to snapshot support 4 years ago
storwize-split-up-__init__-153fa8f097a81e37.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
storwize_iscsi_multipath_enhance-9de9dc29661869cd.yaml Add multipath enhancement to Storwize iSCSI driver 5 years ago
support-create-volume-from-backup-d363e2b502a76dc2.yaml Support create volume from backup 4 years ago
support-extend-inuse-volume-9e4atf8912qaye99.yaml Add ability to extend 'in-use' volume 4 years ago
support-huawei-consistency-group-b666f8f6c6cddd8f.yaml Huawei: Support huawei consistency group 5 years ago
support-metadata-based-snapshot-list-filtering-6e6df68a7ce981f5.yaml Adds metadata in search option for snapshot 5 years ago
support-metadata-for-backup-3d8753f67e2934fa.yaml Add the backup metadata support releasenote 4 years ago
support-project-id-filter-for-limit-bc5d49e239baee2a.yaml Add project_id admin filter to limits API 4 years ago
support-tenants-project-in-attachment-list-3edd8g138a28s4r8.yaml Pike release note cleanup 4 years ago
support-volume-glance-metadata-query-866b9e3beda2cd55.yaml Add ability to filter by volume_glance_metadata 6 years ago
support-zeromq-messaging-driver-d26a1141290f5548.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
support-zmq-messaging-41085787156fbda1.yaml Use oslo.messaging topics for multibackend 5 years ago
support_sort_backup_by_name-0b080bcb60c0eaa0.yaml Support sort backup with name 4 years ago
support_sort_snapshot_with_name-7b66a2d8e587275d.yaml Support sort snapshots with name 5 years ago
supported-drivers-9c95dd2378cd308d.yaml Add new supported driver checks 5 years ago
synology-volume-driver-c5e0f655b04390ce.yaml Add Synology DSM storage driver 5 years ago
tintri_image_direct_clone-f73e561985aad867.yaml Tintri image direct clone 6 years ago
tooz-coordination-heartbeat-cfac1064fd7878be.yaml coordination: use tooz builtin heartbeat feature 4 years ago
tooz-locks-0f9f2cc15f8dad5a.yaml Tooz locks 6 years ago
type-extra-spec-policies-b7742b0ac2732864.yaml Make VolumeTypeExtraSpecsController policy more granular 4 years ago
unity-backup-via-snapshot-81a2d5a118c97042.yaml Unity Driver: Backup volume via snapshot 5 years ago
unity-fast-clone-02ae88ba8fdef145.yaml Unity: Use thin clone when cloning volume 4 years ago
update_config_options_disco_volume_driver-07e52aa43e83c243.yaml Update configuration names in ITRI DISCO volume driver 4 years ago
updated-at-list-0f899098f7258331.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
use-castellan-key-manager-4911c3c4908ca633.yaml Fix wrong links 4 years ago
use-glance-v2-api-and-deprecate-glance_api_version-1a3b698429cb754e.yaml Change the default value of used Glance API 5 years ago
use-oslo_middleware_sizelimit-5f171cf1c44444f8.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
validate-expired-user-tokens-40b15322197653ae.yaml Add service_token for cinder-nova interaction 4 years ago
validate_vol_create_uuids-4f08b4ef201385f6.yaml Validate uuid parameters strictly for create volume API 5 years ago
verbose-online-migrations-94fb7e8a85cdbc10.yaml Make cinder-manage online migrations more verbose 5 years ago
verify-dorado-luntype-for-huawei-driver-4fc2f4cca3141bb3.yaml Add 'LUNType' configuration verification for Dorado array 4 years ago
veritas_access_driver-c73b2320ba9f46a8.yaml Implementation of Cinder driver for Veritas Access 4 years ago
vhd-disk-format-upload-to-image-5851f9d35f4ee447.yaml Fix volume upload-to-image for vhd disk-format 5 years ago
vmax-attach-snapshot-3137e59ab4ff39a4.yaml VMAX driver - Attach and detach snapshot 5 years ago
vmax-clone-cg-09fce492931c957f.yaml Fix VMAX clone CG release note 5 years ago
vmax-compression-support-1dfe463328b56d7f.yaml VMAX driver - Support for compression on All Flash. 5 years ago
vmax-deprecate-backend-xml-708a41919bcc55a8.yaml VMAX driver - Deprecate backend xml configuration 4 years ago
vmax-generic-volume-group-28b3b2674c492bbc.yaml VMAX driver - Implement Generic Volume Group feature 4 years ago
vmax-iscsi-multipath-76cc09bacf4fdfbf.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
vmax-oversubscription-d61d0e3b1df2487a.yaml EMC VMAX - Oversubscription support 5 years ago
vmax-qos-eb40ed35bd2f457d.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
vmax-rename-dell-emc-f9ebfb9eb567f427.yaml Clean up release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
vmax-replication-group-2f65ed92d761f90d.yaml VMAX driver - Implement Tiramisu feature on VMAX 4 years ago
vmax-rest-94e48bed6f9c134c.yaml VMAX driver - Base functionality, replacing SMI-S with REST 4 years ago
vmax-rest-compression-10c2590052a9465e.yaml VMAX driver - Compression, replacing SMI-S with REST 4 years ago
vmax-rest-livemigration-885dd8731d5a8a88.yaml VMAX - Live Migration, replacing SMI-S with REST 4 years ago
vmax-rest-qos-6bb4073b92c932c6.yaml VMAX driver - QoS, replacing SMI-S with REST 4 years ago
vmax-rest-replication-612fcfd136cc076e.yaml VMAX driver - Replication, replacing SMI-S with REST 4 years ago
vmax-rest-retype-ceba5e8d04f637b4.yaml VMAX driver - Retype, replacing SMI-S with REST 4 years ago
vmax-volume-migration-992c8c68e2207bbc.yaml VMAX driver - Storage assisted volume migration. 5 years ago
vmdk_backup_restore-41f807b7bc8e0ae8.yaml VMware: Send additional connection info 5 years ago
vmdk_config_conn_pool_size-0658c497e118533f.yaml VMware:Config option for http connection pool size 5 years ago
vmdk_default_task_poll_interval-665f032bebfca39e.yaml Add missing release notes 5 years ago
vmdk_image_ova-d3b3a0e72221110c.yaml Add missing release notes 5 years ago
vmdk_vc_51-df29eeb5fc93fbb1.yaml Add missing release notes 5 years ago
vmem-7000-iscsi-3c8683dcc1f0b9b4.yaml Violin Memory iSCSI storage for 7000 series AFA 5 years ago
vmware-vmdk-config-eb70892e4ccf8f3c.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
vmware-vmdk-manage-existing-0edc20d9d4d19172.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
vmware-vmdk-removed-bfb04eed77b95fdf.yaml VMware: Fix release notes 6 years ago
vmware-vmdk-revert-to-snapshot-ee3d638565649f44.yaml VMware: Revert to snapshot 4 years ago
vmware-vmdk-snapshot-template-d3dcfc0906c02edd.yaml VMware: Use vSphere template as snapshot format 4 years ago
vmware_adapter_type-66164bc3857f244f.yaml VMware: Add volume adapter type extra-spec option 4 years ago
vmware_vmdk_default_adapter_type-8e247bce5b229c7a.yaml VMware: Config option for default adapter type 4 years ago
vmware_vmdk_enforce_vc_55-7e1b3ede9bf2129b.yaml VMware: Enforce min vCenter server version 5.5 5 years ago
vmware_vmdk_managed_by-3de05504d0f9a65a.yaml VMware: Add 'managedBy' info 4 years ago
vmware_vmdk_paravirtual-3d5eeef96dcbcfb7.yaml Fix release notes formatting 5 years ago
vnx-async-migration-support-3c449139bb264004.yaml VNX: Add async migration support 5 years ago
vnx-configurable-migration-rate-5e0a2235777c314f.yaml VNX: Allow set migrate rate when migrating volumes 6 years ago
vnx-new-driver-7e96934c2d3a6edc.yaml Newton release notes cleanup 5 years ago
vnx-qos-support-7057196782e2c388.yaml VNX: Add QoS support 4 years ago
vnx-replication-group-2ebf04c80e2171f7.yaml Add VNX replication group support 4 years ago
vnx-replication-v2.1-4d89935547183cc9.yaml VNX: Update replication for v2.1 6 years ago
vnx-repv2.1-config-update-cc2f60c20aec88dd.yaml VNX:Add more check on replication_device keys 5 years ago
vnx_clone_cg-db74ee2ea71bedcb.yaml Add Mitaka-1 release notes 6 years ago
volume-filtering-for-quoted-display-name-7f5e8ac888a73001.yaml Fix volume filtering for quoted display name 6 years ago
volumes-summary-6b2485f339c88a91.yaml Add volumes/summary API support 5 years ago
vrts_hyperscale_driver-5b63ab706ea8ae89.yaml Implementation of cinder driver for Veritas HyperScale 5 years ago
vzstorage-log-path-7539342e562a2e4a.yaml VStorage: make logging path configurable 4 years ago
vzstorage-volume-format-cde85d3ad02f6bb4.yaml vstorage: added vz:volume_format vendor property 4 years ago
win-iscsi-config-portals-51895294228d7883.yaml Windows iSCSI: use configured iSCSI portals 4 years ago
xiv-ds8k-replication-2.1-996c871391152e31.yaml IBM XIV/DS8K: Implement Replication v2.1 6 years ago
xiv-generic-volume-group-4609cdc86d6aaf81.yaml Add releasenotes to check_exec list 4 years ago
xiv-new-qos-independent-type-58885c77efe24798.yaml Ibm storage: added new option for qos type 4 years ago
xiv-replication-group-7ca437c90f2474a7.yaml XIV\A9000: Added replication group support 4 years ago
xtremio-cg-from-cg-e05cf286e3a1e943.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
xtremio-generic-groups-912e11525573e970.yaml XtremIO: Add CG capability to generic groups. 5 years ago
xtremio-ig-cleanup-bbb4bee1f1e3611c.yaml Cleanup XtremIO IG cleanup note 4 years ago
xtremio-manage-snapshot-5737d3ad37df81d1.yaml XtremIO: support of snapshot manage commands 5 years ago
zfssa-iscsi-multi-connect-3be99ee84660a280.yaml ZFSSA iSCSI volume driver multi-connect 4 years ago
zfssa-volume-manage-unmanage-ccd80807103b69c8.yaml Cleanup Mitaka release notes 6 years ago
zte_cinder_driver-76ba6d034e1b6f65.yaml Cleanup Newton release notes 5 years ago