OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
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Sean McGinnis 0835b0862e
Remove Sheepdog Driver
2 years ago
api Use volume utils to clone encryption 2 years ago
backup Merge "Remove unnecessary saving of host and availability_zone" 2 years ago
brick Replace 'lvconvert' from rootwrap 3 years ago
cmd Merge "Convert PrettyTable usage to tabulate" 2 years ago
common Leverage hw accelerator in image compression 2 years ago
compute nova: use EndpointNotFound from keystoneauth1 2 years ago
db Reserve migrations for DB backports 2 years ago
group Continue renaming volume_utils (core) 2 years ago
image Increase cpu limit for image conversion 2 years ago
interface Remove BackupDriverWithVerify class 2 years ago
keymgr Fix "import xxx as xxx" grammar 3 years ago
locale Imported Translations from Zanata 2 years ago
message Add user messages for some volume snapshot actions 3 years ago
objects Removed unnecessary lines 2 years ago
policies Add project_id in group snapshots list and show API 3 years ago
privsep Revert "Remove truncate from rootwrap filters" 3 years ago
scheduler Continue renaming volume_utils (core) 2 years ago
tests Remove Sheepdog Driver 2 years ago
transfer Rename volume/ to volume/ 2 years ago
volume Remove Sheepdog Driver 2 years ago
wsgi Prevent double-attachment race in attachment_reserve 2 years ago
zonemanager Mark Brocade FC ZM driver unsupported 2 years ago Set EVENTLET_NO_GREENDNS for IPv6 and dnspython compat 5 years ago Merge "Add key-manager to sevice catalog" 2 years ago Remove deprecated heartbeat options 4 years ago Merge "Untyped to Default Volume Type" 2 years ago Fix logging traceback in service logs 5 years ago Replace http with https for doc links in cinder 4 years ago Allow configuring tpool size 4 years ago Remove Sheepdog Driver 2 years ago Correct default policy_file in the sample config 3 years ago Bump hacking version to 1.1.x 2 years ago Enable split logging for cinder-keystoneclient interaction 3 years ago Replace assert to raise AssertionError 2 years ago Rename volume/ to volume/ 2 years ago Add service_token for cinder-nova interaction 4 years ago Stop a connections leak when freeing an SSHPool 4 years ago Untyped to Default Volume Type 2 years ago Fix "is"/"is not" with a literal usage 2 years ago Remove vim header 8 years ago