OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
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Cinder Driver Support Matrix

The following support matrix reflects the drivers that are currently available or are available in Cinder's driver tree at the time of release.


This matrix replaces the old wiki based version of the Cinder Support Matrix as there was no way to ensure the wiki version was properly maintained. The old matrix will be left for reference but this matrix should be treated as the correct state of Cinder.

Required Driver Functions

There are a number of functions that are required to be accepted as a Cinder driver. Rather than list all the required functionality in the matrix we include the list of required functions here for reference.

  • Create Volume
  • Delete Volume
  • Attach Volume
  • Detach Volume
  • Extend Volume
  • Create Snapshot
  • Delete Snapshot
  • Create Volume from Snapshot
  • Create Volume from Volume (clone)
  • Create Image from Volume
  • Volume Migration (host assisted)


Since the above functions are required their support is assumed and the matrix only includes support for optional functionality.


This matrix is not dynamically generated. It is maintained by the Cinder team and Vendor driver maintainers. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the data in this matrix, discrepancies with actual functionality are possible. Please refer to your vendor's support documentation for additional information.

Driver Removal History

The section will be used to track driver removal starting from the Rocky release.

  • Rocky
    • CoprHD Storage Driver (FC, iSCSI, ScaleIO)
  • Stein
    • DRBDManage Driver
    • HGST Flash Storage Suite Driver (vgc)
    • ITRI DISCO Driver
    • NetApp E-Series Driver
  • Train
    • Tintri Storage Driver
    • Veritas HyperScale Storage Driver
    • Nexenta Edge Storage Driver
  • Ussuri
    • Huawei FusionStorage Driver
    • Nimble Storage Driver
    • ProphetStor Flexvisor Driver
    • Sheepdog Driver