OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
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Sheepdog driver

Sheepdog is an open-source distributed storage system that provides a virtual storage pool utilizing internal disk of commodity servers.

Sheepdog scales to several hundred nodes, and has powerful virtual disk management features like snapshotting, cloning, rollback, and thin provisioning.

More information can be found on Sheepdog Project.

This driver enables the use of Sheepdog through Qemu/KVM.

Supported operations

Sheepdog driver supports these operations:

  • Create, delete, attach, and detach volumes.
  • Create, list, and delete volume snapshots.
  • Create a volume from a snapshot.
  • Copy an image to a volume.
  • Copy a volume to an image.
  • Clone a volume.
  • Extend a volume.


Set the following option in the cinder.conf file:

The following table contains the configuration options supported by the Sheepdog driver: