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Cinder Style Commandments

Cinder Specific Commandments

  • [N314] Check for vi editor configuration in source files.
  • [N319] Validate that debug level logs are not translated
  • [N322] Ensure default arguments are not mutable.
  • [N323] Add check for explicit import of _() to ensure proper translation.
  • [N325] str() and unicode() cannot be used on an exception. Remove or use six.text_type().
  • [N328] messages require translations _LI().
  • [N329] LOG.exception and LOG.error messages require translations _LE().
  • [N330] LOG.warning messages require translations _LW().
  • [N333] Ensure that oslo namespaces are used for namespaced libraries.
  • [N336] Must use a dict comprehension instead of a dict constructor with a sequence of key-value pairs.
  • [C301] timeutils.utcnow() from oslo_utils should be used instead of
  • [C302] six.text_type should be used instead of unicode
  • [C303] Ensure that there are no 'print()' statements in code that is being committed.
  • [C304] Enforce no use of LOG.audit messages. should be used instead.
  • [C305] Prevent use of deprecated contextlib.nested.
  • [C306] timeutils.strtime() must not be used (deprecated).
  • [C307] LOG.warn is deprecated. Enforce use of LOG.warning.
  • [C308] timeutils.isotime() must not be used (deprecated).
  • [C309] Unit tests should not perform logging.


  • Use 'raise' instead of 'raise e' to preserve original traceback or exception being reraised:

    except Exception as e:
        raise e  # BAD
    except Exception:
        raise  # OKAY

Creating Unit Tests

For every new feature, unit tests should be created that both test and (implicitly) document the usage of said feature. If submitting a patch for a bug that had no unit test, a new passing unit test should be added. If a submitted bug fix does have a unit test, be sure to add a new one that fails without the patch and passes with the patch.

Cinder is transitioning to use mock, rather than mox, and so new tests should use mock only.

For more information on creating unit tests and utilizing the testing infrastructure in OpenStack Cinder, please read the Cinder testing README.rst.