Don't use deprecated config opt name in unit test

With cinder change Iccfbe62406b6, the 'iscsi_secondary_ip_addresses'
opt was deprecated in favor of 'target_secondary_ip_addresses'.  This
broke a cinderlib unit test that checked to see if a mocked logger
was not called (which it now was, to log a deprecation message).  Use
the current option name in the test so that the test continues to
test what it was designed to test (i.e., cinderlib config loading,
not oslo.config option deprecation).

Change-Id: Ia243368a9d68aca3a717fb2be1da99bceb271e56
Brian Rosmaita 2023-03-30 06:34:56 -04:00
parent 9c37686f35
commit d3c48523cc
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ class TestCinderlib(base.BaseTest):
cinder_cfg = {
'volume_driver': 'cinder.volume.drivers.lvm.LVMVolumeDriver',
'volume_group': 'lvm-volumes',
'iscsi_secondary_ip_addresses': ['w.x.y.z', 'a.b.c.d'],
'target_secondary_ip_addresses': ['w.x.y.z', 'a.b.c.d'],
'target_port': 12345,
expected_cfg = cinder_cfg.copy()
@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ class TestCinderlib(base.BaseTest):
[], cfg.CONF.backend_defaults.iscsi_secondary_ip_addresses)
[], cfg.CONF.backend_defaults.target_secondary_ip_addresses)
self.assertEqual(3260, cfg.CONF.backend_defaults.target_port)
self.assertEqual(expected_cfg, cinder_cfg)