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Running demoapp


First, you need to create a virtual environment and activate it.

$ pip install virtualenv
$ virtualenv .venv
$ . .venv/bin/activate

Next, install cliff in the environment.

(.venv)$ python install

Now, install the demo application into the virtual environment.

(.venv)$ cd demoapp
(.venv)$ python install


With cliff and the demo setup up, you can now play with it.

To see a list of commands available, run:

(.venv)$ cliffdemo --help

One of the available commands is "simple" and running it

(.venv)$ cliffdemo simple

produces the following

sending greeting

To see help for an individual command, include the command name on the command line:

(.venv)$ cliffdemo files --help

Cleaning Up

Finally, when done, deactivate your virtual environment:

(.venv)$ deactivate