6 Commits (2a24f55f83a070c9f6207cb4caba314820665ce3)

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Jonathan Herlin 2a24f55f83 Respect endpoint type specified in Horizon 5 months ago
Luka Peschke 3e33fddff0 Explicitly specify the region_name when instanciating a client 3 years ago
Luka Peschke 6ac7b2e7f1 Add support for OPENSTACK_SSL_{CACERT,NO_VERIFY} 3 years ago
Luka Peschke 15e65aec62 Adapt dashboard to new cloudkitty client 3 years ago
Guillaume Espanel 3364dc8dd2 Rewrite of the whole dashboard. 6 years ago
François Magimel 797a89586b Add the link between the client and panels 7 years ago