35 Commits (885c9f077f1bc08570e65df00948e00f4fc3b954)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Rafael Weingärtner 885c9f077f Fix tests cases broken by flask >=2.0.1 4 months ago
Luka Peschke e8d737315c Replace ModuleNotFoundError with ImportError 2 years ago
Luka Peschke 1cf228104d Change werkzeug import paths 2 years ago
Justin Ferrieu 16b6fa5ce8 Removing author identification in all files 2 years ago
Luka Peschke dc2509ba65 Bootstrap the v2 API 3 years ago
Hervé Beraud 60740282c9 Add bandit for security static analysis and fix potential security issues 3 years ago
Luka Peschke 3ab4774f66 Adding a v2 storage backend 3 years ago
elnino09 015482e632 fix custom configuration file path 4 years ago
Martin CAMEY 5baa3b8fe3 Allow authentification method to be chosen 4 years ago
zhangguoqing 2dc80310ba Add WSGI support for `cloudkitty-api' 5 years ago
fpxie 16cd7cf9ec Remove log translations 4 years ago
Aaron-DH 2ba69c4a0b Modify policy of get total/summary 5 years ago
melissaml 994c6f7951 Modify variable's using method in Log Messages 5 years ago
zhangguoqing 3ffa3fabd8 Improve the rpc module 5 years ago
liujiong 56883998e6 Use international logging message 5 years ago
Michael Rice ab38996aaf Changes default port from 8888 to 8889 5 years ago
Cedric Brandily d43a369730 Use IPOpt and PortOpt 6 years ago
Aaron-DH a98d3b99e4 Load wsgi app(api) with paste.deploy 6 years ago
Cedric Brandily 7428e4a68b Delegate log formatting to logging package 6 years ago
Stéphane Albert 4482d7daf8 Added new rating module PyScripts 6 years ago
Stéphane Albert 04a9f0cd43 Added gabbi API tests 6 years ago
Stéphane Albert 1039e44ee6 Moving to Liberty cycle (0.5) 6 years ago
Endre Karlson f7852039e7 Sync oslo modules 7 years ago
Gauvain Pocentek 548dea0900 Make keystone optional 6 years ago
Gauvain Pocentek 1960a4c114 Add ACL support on the API 7 years ago
liu-sheng 0766b0869b Add option values log for cloudkitty-api 7 years ago
Gauvain Pocentek 8f5b1cf70a Fix the public access on / 7 years ago
Stéphane Albert 1f21760064 Split the api controllers and resources 7 years ago
Gauvain Pocentek 4bf7a888ae Use keystone middleware for authentication 7 years ago
Gauvain Pocentek 09e03925cb Support both oslo.messaging and oslo_messaging 7 years ago
Stéphane Albert 734c2fae8d Added support for total on API 7 years ago
Stéphane Albert 72bfda50d0 Implemented RPC messaging 7 years ago
Stéphane Albert 2efb97e9f0 Added API service 7 years ago