Rating service for OpenStack
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Pierre Riteau fe34ef9768 Support customising Prometheus queries 7 months ago
add-dataframe-datapoint-objects-a5a4ac3db5289cb6.yaml Add DataPoint/DataFrame objects 3 years ago
add-dataframes-v2-api-endpoint-601825c344ba0e2d.yaml Add a v2 API endpoint to push DataFrame objects 3 years ago
add-gnocchi-fetcher-b8a6e2ea49fcfec5.yaml Add a gnocchi fetcher 4 years ago
add-influx-storage-backend-3ace5b451e789e64.yaml Adding an InfluxDB storage backend 4 years ago
add-prometheus-fetcher-be6082f70f279f0e.yaml Implement Prometheus fetcher 3 years ago
add-re-aggregation-method-option-gnocchi-collector-249917a14c4fc721.yaml Allow reaggregation method to be specified in the gnocchi collector 3 years ago
add-scope-key-58135c2a5c6dae68.yaml Skip a cycle instead of retrying if a metric is not found in gnocchi 3 years ago
add-storage-state-v2-api-endpoint-45a29d0b44e177b8.yaml Add a v2 API endpoint to get scope state 3 years ago
add-storage-state-v2-api-endpoint-492d7092e85ed7b1.yaml Add a v2 API endpoint to reset the state of different scopes 3 years ago
add-tempest-plugin-3584e1918f344fb2.yaml Add a tempest plugin gate job 5 years ago
add-v2-storage-driver-for-elasticsearch-ec41cbb7849e82d3.yaml Add an ElasticSearch v2 storage driver 3 years ago
added-forced-granularity-gnocchi-d52e988194197248.yaml Add a "force_granularity" option to gnocchi collector's extra_args 3 years ago
added-v2-api-1ef829355c2feea4.yaml Bootstrap the v2 API 3 years ago
admin-or-owner-policy-c666346da4405d13.yaml Add release note for admin_or_owner policy fix 1 year ago
change-metrology-organization-1e11900eb30780cc.yaml Allow Cloudkitty to collect non-OpenStack metrics 4 years ago
check-duplicates-metadata-groupby-d5ee99941bb483fd.yaml Check for duplicates in "groupby" and "metadata" for each metric 3 years ago
collector-monasca-f0871406513ff22c.yaml Add a collector for Monasca 5 years ago
create-use_all_entries_for_timespan-option-for-gnocchi-collector-39d29603b1f554e1.yaml Create 'use_all_resource_revisions' for Gnocchi collector 2 years ago
custom-gnocchi-query-a391f5e83d55d771.yaml Custom query Gnocchi collector 1 year ago
default-to-v2-storage-a5ecac7e73dafa6d.yaml Change the default storage backend to v2/influxdb 4 years ago
deprecate-ceilometer-collector-6d8f72c84b95662b.yaml Deprecate the ceilometer collector 5 years ago
deprecate-collector-mappings-5a69b31c8037fc01.yaml Deprecate collector mappings 5 years ago
deprecate-info-services-endpoints-0c5018cb08a30d5f.yaml Allow Cloudkitty to collect non-OpenStack metrics 4 years ago
deprecate-json-formatted-policy-file-01ceb65712fd0a39.yaml [goal] Deprecate the JSON formatted policy file 2 years ago
deprecate-report-total-62544dce42bb19a6.yaml Deprecate /v1/report/total endpoint 5 years ago
deprecate_section_name-9f1ce1f84d09adf8.yaml Change configuration section names 4 years ago
drop-py-2-7-fcf8c0613a7bffa8.yaml [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing 3 years ago
fetch-metrics-concurrently-dffffe346bd4900e.yaml Retrieve metrics in eventlet greenthreads 3 years ago
fix-begin-end-validation-v2-summary-52401fb47ef9b5d6.yaml Fix validation of begin/end in GET /v2/summary endpoint 3 years ago
fix-csv-usage-end-7bcf4cb5effc4461.yaml Fix UsageEnd in CSV reports 5 years ago
fix-dataframe-filtering-282cae643457bb8b.yaml Allow reaggregation method to be specified in the gnocchi collector 3 years ago
fix-gnocchi-metadata-collection-74665e862483a383.yaml Fix gnocchi collector metadata collection 4 years ago
fix-hashmap-mapping-value-match-56570510203ce3e5.yaml Fix HashMap field mapping comparison 3 years ago
fix-lock-release-74d112c8599c9a59.yaml Don't heartbeat manually in the cloudkitty orchestrator 4 years ago
fix-project-id-none-d40df33fc7b7db23.yaml Fix 500 errors in the API when request context bears no project_id 3 years ago
fix-quote-v1-api-7282f01b596f0f3b.yaml Fix quote API 8 months ago
fix-scope-state-reset-filters-0a1f5ea503bd32a1.yaml Fix call to storage.delete() in ScopeEndpoint RPC endpoint 3 years ago
fix-url-building-do-init-7c952afaf6d909cd.yaml Allow missing '/' in api.v2.utils.do_init() 3 years ago
fix-v1-storage-groupby-e865d1315bd390cb.yaml Fix sqlalchemy grouping on v1 storage 3 years ago
force-project-id-monasca-collector-cb30ed073d36d40e.yaml Add an option for the metric project to the Monasca collector 3 years ago
get-dataframes-v2-api-endpoint-3a4625c6008a5fca.yaml Add a v2 API endpoint to retrieve DataFrame objects 3 years ago
harden-dataframes-policy-7786286525e52dfb.yaml Update the default policy rule for /v1/storage/dataframes 3 years ago
ignore_disabled_tenants-and-ignore_rating_role-dfe542a0cafd412e.yaml Adding two options in fetcher_keystone 9 months ago
improve-metrics-configuration-271102366f8e6fe7.yaml Improve metrics configuration 4 years ago
introduce-active-status-field-cdfecd27c2bb9a42.yaml Add active status fields in the storage state table 11 months ago
introduce-bandit-security-linter-592faa26f957a3dd.yaml Add bandit for security static analysis and fix potential security issues 3 years ago
introduce-cloudkitty.utils-792b9080537405bf.yaml Introduce cloudkitty.utils 3 years ago
make-cloudkitty-timezone-aware-2b65edc42e913d6c.yaml Make cloudkitty timezone-aware 3 years ago
make-gnocchi-http-max-connections-pool-configurable-52c9f6617466ea30.yaml Make Gnocchi connection pool configurable 2 years ago
make-processor-run-several-workers-02597b0f77687ef3.yaml Make cloudkitty-processor run several workers 3 years ago
monasca-fetcher-2ea866f873ab5336.yaml Add a Monasca fetcher 2 years ago
multiple_values_filter_summary_get_v2_api-1110373a900fad0d.yaml Add support for multiple value filters 8 months ago
new-forcegranularity-default-b8aaf7d7823aef3b.yaml Set force_granularity: 300 in metrics.yml 12 months ago
notnumbool-mutator-ab056e86f2bc843d.yaml Add the NOTNUMBOOL mutator 1 year ago
prometheus-collector-empty-meta-12402d8f0254c011.yaml Fix empty metadata exception in Prometheus collector 2 years ago
prometheus-collector-mutate-8da4748b4d1f0b59.yaml Add quantity mutation to Prometheus collector 2 years ago
prometheus-custom-query-ab2dc00e97b14be2.yaml Support customising Prometheus queries 7 months ago
raise-exception-on-invalid-config-0aece71caa0947fa.yaml Raise an exception in case of an invalid configuration file 3 years ago
refactor-storage-e5453296e477e594.yaml Refactor the storage backend 5 years ago
register-keystone-opts-with-keystoneauth-functions-monasca-collector-1a539fc8c23e9dbc.yaml Register keystone auth options with keystoneauth1 helper functions 3 years ago
remove-ceilometer-collector-b310bf6c5736c88a.yaml Remove Ceilometer collector and transformer 5 years ago
remove-dateutil-tz-utc-usage-1350c00be3fadde7.yaml Replace tz.UTC with dateutil.tz.tzutc() 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-api-endpoints-26606e322b8a225e.yaml Remove deprecated APIs and method in cloudkitty 5 years ago
remove-deprecated-config-section-names-9a125b1af0932c08.yaml Remove deprecated config section names 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-storage-backends-158fbec099846ec7.yaml Remove gnocchi and gnocchihybrid storage 5 years ago
remove-fake-fetcher-9c264520a3cec9d0.yaml Remove the fake fetcher 4 years ago
remove-fake-meta-collectors-5ed94ab1165e9661.yaml Remove the fake and meta collectors 4 years ago
remove-gnocchi-transformer-1dad750b9ba6c2e4.yaml Remove the gnocchi transformer 4 years ago
remove-transformers-8d9949ed3088b055.yaml Remove transformers from the codebase 3 years ago
remove-v2-gnocchi-storage-a83bd58008bfd92e.yaml Delete v2 gnocchi storage 4 years ago
replace-eventlet-with-futurist-60f1fe6474a5efcf.yaml Replace eventlet with futurist 3 years ago
response_format-v2-summary-api-270facdb01d9202b.yaml Introduce "response_format" for the V2 summary API 9 months ago
rework-prometheus-collector-02bd6351d447e4fe.yaml Change configuration schema and query process for Prometheus collector 3 years ago
rework-prometheus-collector-f9f34a3792888dad.yaml Update admin documentation for Prometheus collector 3 years ago
skip-period-if-nonexistent-metric-ba56a671e68f5bf5.yaml Skip a cycle instead of retrying if a metric is not found in gnocchi 3 years ago
source-fetcher-43c4352508f7f944.yaml Allow Cloudkitty to collect non-OpenStack metrics 4 years ago
status-upgrade-check-fdcf054643e071d8.yaml Support upgrade checks 4 years ago
support-cross-tenant-metric-submission-monasca-collector-508b495bc88910ca.yaml Support cross-tenant metrics in monasca collector 3 years ago
support-groupby-time-v2-summary-48ff5ad671f8c7c5.yaml Support grouping by timestamp in GET /v2/summary 3 years ago
use-interface-param-endpoint-discovery-monasca-collector-7477e86cd7e5acf4.yaml Use "interface" option for monasca endpoint discovery 3 years ago