Congress Horizon plugin.
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Congress Dashboard

Horizon Plugin for Congress

Congress Dashboard is an extension for OpenStack Dashboard that provides a UI for Congress. With congress-dashboard, a user is able to easily write the policies and rules for governance of cloud.

Enabling in DevStack

Add this repo as an external repository into your local.conf file:

enable_plugin congress

Manual Installation

The following below instructions assumes that Horizon is already installed and its installation folder is <horizon>. Detailed information on how to install Horizon can be found at

The installation folder of Congress Dashboard will be referred to as <congress-dashboard>.

Clone Congress-Dashboard

$ git clone
$ cd congress-dashboard

Install requirements

$ sudo pip install .

Install Source code

$ sudo python install

And enable it in Horizon

$ ln -s <congress-dashboard>/congress_dashboard/enabled/ <horizon>/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled
$ ln -s <congress-dashboard>/congress_dashboard/enabled/ <horizon>/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled
$ ln -s <congress-dashboard>/congress_dashboard/enabled/ <horizon>/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled
$ ln -s <congress-dashboard>/congress_dashboard/enabled/ <horizon>/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled
$ ln -s <congress-dashboard>/congress_dashboard/enabled/ <horizon>/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled

Restart Apache server

$ sudo service apache2 restart