62 Commits (9402a873737df451e92632706d90af53c561a170)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Iswarya_Vakati 9402a87373 Use upper constraints for all jobs in tox.ini 4 years ago
  Anusha Ramineni cf68b457bc Add support to use pdb with tox 4 years ago
  Trevor McCasland f795bd300f Fix error: option --no-parallel not recognized 4 years ago
  avnish eb2368046a delete python bytecode including pyo before every test run 4 years ago
  Masahito Muroi 204a5c6b43 Use Reno for release note 4 years ago
  Anusha Ramineni 9c0096278f remove new_arch in tox 4 years ago
  gecong1973 a5013cd398 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 4 years ago
  Anusha Ramineni 8ed5b8442a Build docs using tox 4 years ago
  Anusha Ramineni c8950841e8 Build docs using tox 4 years ago
  Ronald Bradford d44b0b522b Cleanup unused Oslo Incubator code and references 4 years ago
  Masahito Muroi dfd4c1b29e Adds test directory for new architecture 4 years ago
  Anusha Ramineni ac3a905188 Add py34 support in tox 4 years ago
  Anusha Ramineni eae24dc280 Fix tox.ini to generate proper config file 4 years ago
  Eric K a774cad2bd Eliminate unnecessary deps for tox -e pep8,genconfig 4 years ago
  Anusha Ramineni 022950d9d9 tox: rm all pyc before doing unit test 4 years ago
  Rui Chen 8f7932cfdf Using oslo to generate congress.conf.sample 5 years ago
  Rui Chen b94a1834e0 Fix UnicodeDecodeError in py3 jenkins job 5 years ago
  David Cheperdak 495f342688 Added support for folder and file exclusion for pep8 analysis 5 years ago
  Lianhao Lu 2021c6238f Enable pep8 H302 test 5 years ago
  Lianhao Lu 9c84a6a00e Enable pep8 H237 test 5 years ago
  Lianhao Lu 0f94a04d89 Enable pep8 H405 tests 5 years ago
  Madhu Mohan N S c02255fcdb Enable H904: wrapping using parantheses 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare 09ff95f9c9 Imports not grouped correctly 5 years ago
  Aaron Rosen 459f716bba Remove E113 comment 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare 45fb42d3cc Enable: E129 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare 237034e76b Enable: F402 import module shadowed by loop variable 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare d4c76d451a Enable: E128 continuation line under-indented for visual indent 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare 5ba1af5699 Enable: E251 unexpected spaces around keyword / parameter equals 5 years ago
  Amey Bhide 0ec504410a Enable: F811 redefinition of unused variable 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare 2a9a229fe0 Enable: H401 docstring should not start with a space 5 years ago
  Amey Bhide 661f6176b3 Enable: F812 list comprehension redefines name from line 5 years ago
  Abhishek Chanda ca58962e39 Enable H231 check 5 years ago
  Abhishek Chanda fd345b5f94 Skip the sdist phase 5 years ago
  Abhishek Chanda 01d17ed154 Enable H404 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare ee647bfe63 Enable: E122 continuation line missing indentation or outdented 5 years ago
  Samta 1bd869c3df Enable: E713 test for membership should be ‘not in' 5 years ago
  Samta 932951c949 Enable: H307 like imports should be grouped 5 years ago
  Samta Rangare a65322d55b Enable: H301 one import per line 5 years ago
  Lianhao Lu 328e053ee1 Enable E126 continuation line over-indented for hanging indent 5 years ago
  Lianhao Lu d5e5621417 Enable E125 pep8 check 5 years ago
  Lianhao Lu f8f469a6e7 Enabled H233/H402 check 5 years ago
  Aaron Rosen 6a93689c0c Enable H402 one line docstring needs punctuation 6 years ago
  Aaron Rosen d51bc206b7 Enable H233 Python 3.x incompatible 6 years ago
  Aaron Rosen b5cdbd38fe Enable E112 expected an indented block 6 years ago
  SH fe054dd4e9 Add datasource benchmark tests 6 years ago
  Roey Chen 7a6f30d4ff PEP8: Removing unexpected indentation and allowing E113 checks 6 years ago
  Aaron Rosen de35bc9cf7 Enable H302 check 6 years ago
  Aaron Rosen 39f6844826 Enable E303 Check 6 years ago
  Aaron Rosen dda28fc8af Enable E265 check 6 years ago
  Aaron Rosen b1380ebf26 Enable H104 check 6 years ago